Thursday, May 31, 2012

The New Era of Digital Content was Born - Filebook!

Filipinos love to watch movies, from foreign one to locally produced. When a new movie has been released on the cinemas, we will surely watch it or if we don't have time to go to a movie house, we will buy or rent a dvd just to see it. But not until today, the technologyy has been changed and so does the way how we watch a movie.  With the fast- paced evolution of the internet world today, we now have more options to watch our favorite movies online without going outside our house. Downloading from an online movie site is the new trend now and with that a new era of digital content world has been born, introducing Filebook, your first digital cotnent platform in the Philippines.

Filebook is a web-based data storage were people can conveniently and quickly shared various forms of digital content online in just a click away of their mouse. Download from our unlimited lists of movies (drama, suspense, action, sci-fi, etc.) and other digital content for a short period of time.
And as part of our launching today,  we will provide a free trial for one month to everyone!

Experience digital content online to its new perspective. Experience Filebook now!

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Adam George said...

Just wanted to acknowledge how much I'm enjoying this show as a podcast and how great this episode was in particular. Thanks!
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