Friday, June 29, 2012

Mickey Yoochun of JYJ: Proves them Wrong

Park Yoochun also known on his stage name as Mickey Yoochun, the South Korean singer, rapper and song writer, now proves himself as a prime time korean drama series actor in the latest Korean series, Rooftop Prince.Yoochun is one of the three members of the South Korean pop group JYJ, which were also former members of the pop group TVXQ.

He made his debut as an actor in the 2010 Korean drama series Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He received many awards including the most prestigious awards in South Korea, The 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, and won “Most Popular Actor in a TV Drama”.

The Korean series Rooftop Prince, where Mickey Yoochun played the role of Lee Gak, is his latest soap with co-stars Ha Ji-min. Lee Gak is the crown Prince of the Joseon Dynasty, but on a supernatural event, he and his royal courts are transported in the future, where he will meet the hard working woman Park-ha. As they dwell in the present time, they will encounter circumstances that will sooner help them solve their personal issues and develop a love for each other.

 His role in the Korean series really impressed critics, where in the series he showed his skills as an actor. He won the fans with his funny antics and charisma, as he displays his talent in acting ("I was lucky that I got to act in a drama where I felt totally connected to the script, and was able to work with other great actors and a terrific production crew. “I had let the responsibility of playing the male lead and it overwhelms me. The job would have been exhausting, but I was able to immerse myself in my role and it was great fun,") he said in an interview.

Though many boy group members today strive their best in acting, still only few receive good critics and acclaims, most especially in various prestigious awards. 

Want to see Mickey Yoochun cameo in Rooftop Prince?

Download it at:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wonder Girls Member Yenny Park Yeeun Cameo in Korean Drama Series Dream High 2

Park Ye-Eun or famously known as Yenny, is a South Korean singer, model, lyricist and composer and a member of the Korean girl group sensation Wonder Girls. Ye-Eun, appeared as a guest star of the Korean drama series Dream High 2, the sequel of the later drama, Dream High. 

In support to the drama series, she wrote and sang the OST entitled ‘Hello to Myself’. She played the role as herself, a member of the group Wonder Girls and encourages Shin Hye Sun, the aspiring student of Kirin Arts High School to be one of them.

Yeeun expressed her thoughts, “I have been loving Dream High 2, looking at Hye Sung in the drama as if looking at the way I was in the past…”

Also in the series, the appearance of the Korean boy group Boyfriend, the four member girl group Miss A, singer and actress IU, the Korean hiphop singer PSY, Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun and the boybands Toxic and MYNAME.

Dream High Season 2 also features actress Kang Sora, 2AM’s Jin Woon, T-ara’s Ji-yeon, SISTAR’s Hyorin, JB and Park Seo Joon.

Want to watch Dream High 2? You can download it at

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Complicated World of Love Triangle's: Famous Korean Love Triangle of all Time

Every story wouldn’t be exciting without a love triangle. Well, I guess it’s already given. Whether it is a foreign movies or korean drama series, all of them have it.

Indeed, love will always be love and every individual will do everything for the sake of love, how sweet is that, huh? Just like these korean characters who will do anything just to protect the people that they love.

Boys Over Flower

Gu Jun Pyo – Geum Jan Di - Yoon Ji Hoo

After a long battle of agony, pain, and hurt, love will always prevail at the end. This was the cutest love triangle ever made. Come to think of it, Jan Di first fall in love with Ji Hoo which is the best friend of Jun Pyo but Ji Hoo is not in love with Jan Di because she has a girlfriend before and he still love her. Jan Di and Jun Pyo have a cat and dog relationship in the beginning but eventually they learn to fall in love as time passes by and so does Ji Hoo, he learn to love Jan Di as well. A complicated love yet it’s so pure. At the end, Jun Pyo and Jan Di still managed to keep their love alive despite of all the trials that they encountered along their way. Two Thumbs up!

Stairway to Heaven

Song Joo (Cholo) - Jung Suh (Jodie) – Han Tae Hwa

Their love story is the greatest among korean drama series that I watch, though the ending is very sad. Song Joo and Jung Suh’s love begins at their childhood days, surpassed the test of time (when Jung Suh lose her memory in an accident, they parted their ways and Han Tae Hwa took care of her because since they are young, he secretly love Jung Suh). Fate brought them back to each other’s arms but fate is also the reason why they departed forever.  Jung Suh died which is the saddest part of the story but Song Joo’s heart will always be with her. *Sniff*

Lie to Me 

Hyun Ki Joon – Gooh Ah Jung – Hyun Sang Hee

Their love story are like Jun Pyo and Jan Di. They hate each other and they can’t stand to be together in one place at first but in the long run, they found love in each other arms. Their love story is also very complicated. When Sang Hee falls in love with Ki Joon’s fiancée, the later part decided to call-off-their weeding because he can’t stand to see his brother hurting. Years passed, the history repeats itself. Sang Hee eventually fall for Ah Jung but she already loves Ki Joon. Will Ki Joon do the same thing as he did before or will he fight for the girl that he loves now? Go Ki Joon!

Lie to me is currently airing in the Philippines but if you want to see it first and relive the funny, complicated  and sweetest moments of Gu Jun Pyo – Geum Jan Di - Yoon Ji Hoo and Song Joo - Jung Suh – Han Tae Hwa, download and watch it at: 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Slave Man with a Brave Heart; Korean Drama Review of “Chuno”

Remember the romantic Korean movie ‘Windstruck’? How about the funny Korean TV series ‘My Girl’? Or the romantic comedy Korean series ‘Couple or Trouble’?

These shows were also portrayed by the leading actors and actress of the historical Korean drama series Chuno, but this time with a different twist. The story is set in the time of the Joseon Dynasty, where the time of political turmoil and slaves and slave hunters still exist. The Korean fictional drama depicts the lives of slaves, how they were treated and the slave hunters that hunts down runaway slaves.

From funny and comic characters, turns into a bold and more compelling roles. The characters of Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk, Windstuck); Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho, Couple or Trouble) and Un Nyeon / Kim Hye Won (Lee Da Hae, My Girl).

Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk)– born in nobility and abundance, his life was ruined by his half-brother, thus, losing everything he has including the woman he is suppose to marry, Un Nyeon.  He manages to live in the harsh environment and turns into a slave hunter. But above all, he dedicated his life in searching for Un Nyeon, the woman he loves.

Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho)– a General wrongly accused of a crime, so he was punished and demoted as a slave. He runs away, and soon finds Un Nyeon and develops a relationship with her.

Un Nyeon / Kim Hye Won  (Lee Da Hae)– a slave but when she ran away from Dae Gil, she became a middle class citizen with the help of her half-brother and changed her name to Hye Won. She and Dae Gil are supposed to be married but after the incident, she meets Tae Ha and goes to a journey with him.

 These versatile actors and actress, including the other casts, portrayed very good characters in the story, making the Korean series phenomenal. Thus, jumping from one role to another is not that hard for the artists. Jang Hyuk, was nominated as Best Actor for the 2011 International Emmy Awards. The Korean series was praised not just locally but also across the globe.

Indeed, Chuno is another must watch korean drama of all time along with Dong Yi, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, and other historical korean story adaptation nowadays.

You can download and watch Chuno in Full HD at

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Newest Version of James Bond; Rain Bi in Runaway:Plan B

Superstar singer-turned-korean actor Rain Bi stars on an action packed korean drama “Runaway: Plan B” before he goes in the military to fulfill his responsibility as the citizen of Korea.

This series is very familiar to Bi since he already did a project similar to this one, a.k.a A Love To Kill. He plays the role of Ji Woo, a lawless and somewhat funny private investigator, based out of South Korea but internationally linked. He then gets hired by a beautiful, mysterious and with a big fat bullseye on her back Jin Yi (Lee NaYoung) to find her Melchidec and the people who killed her whole family. Also, NaYoung has a curse that some menaces have killed every guy she ever loved except from Kia (Daniel Henney), the rich and handsome “current” boyfriend of NaYoung.

Ji Woo

Jin Yi


On the other hand, Chief Detective Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin), a rebellious yet handsome police detective that will do anything just to arrest Ji Woo due to the so called PI which is unlawful in the ROK. But, that’s not all. Do Soo’s antagonisms of Ji Woo start some years ago when the detective has been closely shot in the chest by Rain 10 years ago. However, Ji Woo planned it just to spare the life of Do Soo and the later part misunderstood it and thought that Rain Bi is trying to kill him (which is totally a false accusation).

Chief Detective Do Soo

Honestly, this korean drama series is like hitting two birds in one stone, probably three. With a touch of action, romance and some comedy, what else can you ask for? Although despite of a lot of running, well that’s why it’s called Runaway: Plan B, it is a must watch for people who wants to see an action packed drama series plus Rain Bi on it. Isn't it nice?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lee Min Ho: A Swords Man Saga

For Lee Min Ho also known as Jun Pyo fanatic, your long wait is over. After his recently concluded korean drama series City Hunter, Jun Pyo will be back on action once again but with a different twist this time. He will portray the role of a charismatic swordsman on the upcoming series “Faith”.

The story is about a stubborn yet smart warrior during the Goryeo era. Lee Min Ho will play the character of Choi Young (the captain of the king’s bodyguard), which on the later part will become a general.

On his journey as one of the swordsman, he suddenly meets Kim Hee Sun (Eun Soo), a plastic surgeon who comes from the Koryo era from the present times. At first, they have a cat and dog relationship, but eventually, they soon fall in love with each other – isn't it so sweet? J

This koreanovela will surely make another surefire hit in our country once it will release here. I can’t wait for that moment to come.

But before that, if you can’t wait for Lee Min Ho to beat some bad guys again, you may want to relive his action-packed moments in CityHunter.

Download Full HD Episodes in

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Korean Movie Review: My Dear Desperado, Not Your Ordinary Korean Movie

If you are looking for not so ordinary type of film this Korean movie is a perfect match for you. My Dear Desperado offers different twists and turns, the most unlikely but very likable characters and a love story that is really out of this world.

Actor Park Joong-hoon as Dong-chul, the low level gangster who after released from prison for taking his boss’ place wants a payback and actress Jeong Yu-min as Han Se-jin, the small town courageous girl who finds a job in Seoul but later becomes jobless and forced to live in a low cost apartment.

Main Characters:

Park Joong-hoon (Dong-chul), the Director and writer Kim Kwang-Sik, didn’t want a boy-next-door image playing the role of a low level gangster, instead he choose Park to portrayed it. With his experience in playing the role of a gangster and sometimes a bully made Dong-chul’s character more realistic and has empathy to the audience. Park Joong-hoon is now 48 and gained many awards as an actor in many Korean movies and also appeared in American films.

Jeoung Yu-mi (Han Se-jin), portrays the typical citizen, though with good qualifications and decent schooling, still finding a job is like passing through a needle’s eye. Like any other, Jeoung’s character in the movie is close to reality, that despite the hardship we experience because of the economy and the lack of resources, still she perseveres for her family. Jeoung as an actress was welcomed in the Korean movie industry as one of the most sought-after actresses because of her peculiar image when portraying a role.

Their characters are no different to many but their unique personalities and traits are amazing that inspires anybody to overcome any problem. The movie may be a love story but the approach was very light and beautiful. Not like your ordinary love story, there are seldom affectionate scenes. The story goes when they got the chance to know and understand who they are and sooner develop feelings for each other. 

This Korean movie will surely catch the hearts of its viewers and relate to their characters as they both find love in the most unexpected situation.

Download My Dear Desperado in HD:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Host Movie Review: Another Thrilling Korean Movie of All Time

For the movie enthusiast who loves sci-fi and monster films, here is a Korean movie that conforms to your demands. Winning awards and received nominations not just locally but also international screenings and positive responses, this Korean monster film will surely make you crave to watch.


Dumping hazardous chemicals down to the Han River, years ago, had an ugly effect. A mutation, caused by the chemical, created a strange creature lurking in the Han River.

Park Gang-du, is a slow-witted man living with his father; his sister, a national medalist archer; his alcoholic brother, and his only daughter, Hyun-seo. On a normal day, Park Gang-du runs a snack-bar near the Han River, but no one knew it was the beginning of a chaos. When Hyun-seo, arrived from school that day, the monster came out of the river and runs wildly devouring innocent people and hurting many! And his daughter was taken and brought back to the river.

During a mass funeral for the victims, Gang-du and his family thinks that Hyun-seo is dead but to his surprise, he receives a phone call from Hyun-seo, who fortunately survives but trap in the sewer.

They try to ask for help with the Government representatives but they got nothing and so Gang-du together with his family, bravely went off to search for Hyun-seo relying only in their own strength. Not long after, the government finds a chemical that could kill the beast, the Agent Yellow, and made a trap to capture and eradicate it. Can they survive this dilemma? 


Another korean drama, action-packed film that is definitely a must watch. 

The Host Trailer:

Download FULL HD of the Host at:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Korean Drama Review: Coffee Prince

First Shop of Coffee Prince or simply Coffee Prince has made a great impact to the Filipino viewers, especially those people who go crazy about koreanovela.


The story revolves around Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye in real life) - the hardworking and loving girl that sometimes is wrongly mistaken as a young man because of his boyish attitude. She works hard to earn money so she can be able to support her sister with her study since her mother incapable of supporting her due to an addiction to shopping.

Her world turns upside down when she met Chon Han Kyul, the happy-go-lucky heir of a big food company. A very good looking and charming guy who’s afraid of responsibility and he doesn’t care about the world. When his grandmother forces him to manage filthy a coffee shop, he reluctantly accepts it and hires Eun Chan to be one of his crew.

Trouble comes when Han Kyul eventually falls in love with Eun Chan, but the only problem is that how would Han Kyul accept the fact that he’s falling in love with a boy?

Coffee Prince Trailer:

For people who want to watch a light drama and romantic korean series, Coffee Prince will certainly make your heart laugh and cry all at once. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lie To Me: Another Koreanovela that will Take the Philippine TV by Storm

After Dong Yi’s Tv invasion, another korenovela will surely take another milestone to our Philippine televisions once more - Lie To Me.

Not unlike any other Korean drama that has already shown in the Philippines, Lie To Me is a light romantic comedy story about a woman who forced to marry a stranger and the trouble will follow after that.


Gong Ahjung (Yoon Eunhye) was trapped in a web of lies when she’s by mistake lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Jihwan), an elite President of World Group Hotel. Trouble arrives when Ki Joon ex-fiancée and a close friend of his brother, Oh Yoonjoo (Jo Yoonhee) comes up to the picture.

Meet The Main Characters of Lie To Me:

Gooh Ah Jung

A level 5 ministry of Culture official, a stubborn yet kind hearted person and went through a lot just to win the heart of her first love, that’s Gooh Ah Jung. She studied hard and passed the high official exam to become a government official but unfortunately after all her hard work, she was still rejected by her first love, so sad. L

Her life gets complicated when she mistakenly lied that she was already married just to keep her pride. Eventually, this lie causes her big trouble and without any intention, she falls in love with Hyun Ki Joon.

Hyun Ki Joon

Hyun Ki Joon is a rich and successful CEO of the World Group Hotel from an affluent family. He was one of the sought after executive and a certified bachelor in Korea. While searching for the woman that she will marry, he gets entangled in a marriage with a girl (Gooh Ah Jung) that he barely even knows. He despises this girl, but as days passes by Ki Joon become aware of the fact that he finally falls to this girl. J

Oh Yoon Joo

Oh Yoon Joo was engaged to Hyun Ki Joon but when Ki Joon finds out that his brother (Hyun Sang Hee) was madly in love to her finacee, he decided to call off their weeding.  Yoon Joo went to Paris and after 3 years she went back home to Korea. But she still has feelings for Ki Joon, so they decided to reignite their love again. Sadly, they guy is no longer in love with her. L

Hyun Sang Hee

Sang Hee is the brother of Ki Joon, a fun, full of life and a positive type of guy. He left for Spain after his brother decided to broke off his engagement to Yoon Jo. He returns from Spain after some time and finally meets Ah Jung and instantly falls for her. Oh no, not again.

That’s it! 

They are the characters that will make you smile, cry, and fall in love over and over again. Another must watch Korean programs. Two thumbs up for this. J

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Korean Drama Review: Dong Yi

If you are looking for a historical Korean drama with all the twists and turns, Dong Yi will definitely make on the top of the list.

Set during the reign of King Sukjong in the Joseon dynasty, this koreanovela is based on the historical character Consort Suk. The story revolves around the character of Dong Yi, a slave who works under Queen Inhyeon. Despite of her dark and tragic past – her father (leader/chief of the Sword Fraternity) and brother was killed because they are wrongly accused for killing some nobleman  yet she manage to have a positive outlook in life and persevere to be the best person that she can be.

Dong Yi portrays an excellent example of a great woman. Being a slave challenge her to improve herself more, allowing her to rise in the top level position, first as a Lady of the Court and eventually moves up as a Concubine.

She’s also your typical type of girl who falls in love and cries over it just like anyone of us does. Dong Yi tries to resist the King since she valued Queen Inhuyeon a lot, but the later told her to accept the love that her husband is offering (King Sukjong) to her. Eventually, Dong Yi gave birth to their first child and they named it Prince Yeoning (which becomes King Yeong Jo after his father King Sukjong surrenders his throne).

How sweet is that?

Overall, Dong Yi is a must watch koreanovela especially when you love historical tv drama. And by the way, this show will be over soon so if you love to watch it from its first episode until the last one, you can find it here:

Note: Prepare to laugh, cry, get excited and fall in love over and over again while watching this Korean series because I’m pretty sure you will. J

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Power of Dream! K-Drama Review - Dream High

As Koreanovela continued to invade our Philippine Television, another Korean drama has struck our tv timeslot by storm, - “Dream High”.

Dream High revolves around six students at Kirin Arts High who work hard to follow their dreams to become famous.  

The story is not the typical hate-love relationships or action-packed/comedy genre, since it tackles about life in general. Achieving your dreams and conquering every obstacle, and falling in love at the same time, that is Dream High all about.  It shows us the real power of dream – to believe on your own talents and have a positive outlook in life at all times.

Every character has a unique story that I’m pretty sure all of us will get along.  It proves that we are all human being; we laugh, we cry, we struggle, we love and most of all we dream.  It also teaches us how to forgive and demonstrate the real meaning of love. Follow what your heart desired and dream high, for this is the only way to achieve the things that we most wanted.

Work hard, be yourself, stand still and dream high!

If you haven’t watch dream high yet, you better watch this. Definitely a must see Korean drama


Monday, June 11, 2012

The Lady in Black is Back with A New Twist

You read it right, the sassy lady in black of the Gotham City is finally back to save the city again, punching and kicking some bad guys alongside Batman. But that’s not all, the Princess-turned-hero/villain, Anne Hathaway, portrayed the role of the new Catwoman in the upcoming epic conclusion of the Batman Trilogy – “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The Modern Day Catwoman, which is better?...

From a great princess-turned-out to a great hero-villain

Hathaway has already made another trademark to her name as she slips into the character notably portrayed by famous actresses like Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfiefffer and of course Halle Berry.

Here is the online movie trailer of The Dark Knight Rises.