Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kpop Idols Greets Everyone for Chuseok Holiday

Korea is celebrating one of their holidays, 'Chuseok' sometimes referred as 'Korean Thanksgiving'. Kpop fans are also thrilled in this holiday, because most celebrities dress in colorful hanboks and post it in different social networking sites.

Earlier today, SNSD's Yuri, Yoona, and Taeyeon posted a selca wearing a hanbok. They posted their selca and greeted fans to enjor their holiday.

Kim Tae Hee also displayed a picture of her in hanbok while smiling brightly. It was uploaded in an online community site and a lot of fans were mesmerized by her beauty.

Let's all wait for more celebrities with hanbok wearing photos. Happy Chuseok Day everyone!
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Psy's Gangnam Style Reach 300m Views in YouTube

Psy's Gangnam Style fever reach over 300 million views in YouTube. His viral horse than keeps getting popular. Will he reach the no. 1 spot on Billboard this week?

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lee Seung Gi's Next Stop is Malaysia!

Multi-talented Lee Seung Gi will be heading to Malaysia after his successful concert in Singapore, this November for his next showcase installment of 'Tonight With Lee Seung Gi'. Tthe showcase will be held at Kenanga Wholesale City in Malaysia on 2 November 2012 and was organized by Jazzy Group.

Seunggi is a well-known multi-talented man, being a singer, an actor as well as an entertainer and host. He debuted on MBC Music Camp with a song ‘She’s Mine’ in 2004 which won the SBS Popular K-POP Mutizen award. Up till 2011, he has released his 5th album entitled 'Tonight'.

He started his acting career when he starred in MBC Daily Sitcom 'Nonstop 5' since 2004. He then acted in KBS Drama 'Famous Princesses' in 2006, SBS Drama 'Shining Inheritance' in 2009, and 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho' in 2010 as well as the recent MBC Drama 'King2hearts' in 2012. Seunggi has won Best Male Actor in SBS Entertainment Award Ceremony December 2010. He was also known for his hosting in SBS talk show 'Strong Heart'.

With his killer smile and good looks, he earned the nickname Perfect Man. Watch his shows by downloading it in Filebook!

B2ST Reveals PV for Midnight's Japanese Version

Earlier today the group, B2ST revealed the full music video/PV for "Midnight". The group showed a completely different style from their Korean MV.

Although B2ST stopped their promotions of "Beautiful Night" in Korea, the group will come back soon to promote their third Japanese single, 'Midnight Sun'.

'Midnight Sun' will be released on October 17th in three first press limited edition versions and a CD only version.

Watch the video below:

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Onew Reveals Curfew Time of SHINee

SHINee’s leader Onew revealed curfew time of their group to the public.

On September 26, SHINee’s Taemin and Onew appeared on MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery - Radio Star’. During the episode, Onew was asked if SHINee had a curfew and he replied, “Yes, it’s 3 AM”, making all the MCs laugh in disbelief. Then, the MCs replied, “That’s enough time to get drunk, wake up, and get home.”

Onew said, “It was originally 11 PM, but Taemin turned twenty this year and the curfew hour changed.” At this, Taemin got laughs by saying, “I hope other members come home early.”

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G-Dragon Wins #1 on M-Countdown

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” this week is full of amazing performances!

On September 27, new girl group BBde Girl made its debut with title track “Fooling Around”, while Navi and ABLE made their comeback stage for “Don’t Go” and “Mystery” respectively.

Other performers that night included KARA, FT Island, Mighty Mouth, U-KISS, T-ara, Secret, ZE:A, Orange Caramel, Soran, SPICA, B.A.P, Baek Ah Yeon, BTOB, TASTY, Two X and Nep.

And for the finale of the show, G-Dragon won this week’s ‘M! Countdown’ with his latest track “Crayon”.

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2NE1 Sandara Park's Dilemma

2NE1′s Sandara Park is currently having a dilemma in her hairstyle.

On September 27, Dara posted a picture on her me2day account and said, “When summer had just started, I shaved half of my hair. Now it’s already fall. I’ve been living with the half shaved hairstyle for four months. Even though I still have to tour some more, I’m thinking about whether or not I will let my hair grow out. Don’t grow, no, tell her to grow. I don’t know.”

Dara dyed her hair red and black. She complemented her unique hairstyle by wearing a beanie. She also showed off her sexy charm by wearing smoky makeup.

People who saw the post replied: “Please don't grown it yet, it looks good on you.” “Since you got used to your half shaved hair, it must be a tough decision to grow your hair again.” “To look stronger, half shaved hair is the best.” “I want to see a more feminine Park.”

2NE1 will hold their concert on September 28 and 29 in Saitama, Japan.

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Psy Ranks 2nd on Billboard 100

Psy recently set another record by ranking second on the Billboard Chart. After ranking 11th last week on the chart he leaped up 9 spot and reach the number 2 spot. In a recent press conference, Psy promised that he will dance 'shirtless' if he will ranked no. 1 in Billboard 100. It seems that we have to wait another week to see if he can reach the top spot.

Beloved international group Maroon 5′s “One More Night” ranked first for two weeks in a row, placing Psy’s “Gangnam Style” on second in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. He is the first Korean singer to achieve this spot on Billboard.

The official ranking will be released on September 28 (Korean time) but it was pre-released on September 27 through Billboard magazine Billboard Biz.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Bang's Ticket Concert in Hong Kong Sold Out!

On September 26, Big Bang showed off their popularity once again across the world.

According to Chinese Media, Morning Post, 35,000 tickets of Big Bang's solo concert, which is to be held on December 8 in Hong Kong, were sold out in less than an hour of its sale.

The Chinese Media sai, “Big Bang’s tickets were sold out at an unbelievable speed. We decided to have another concert, but the ticketing of that concert sold out as fast as the previous one.”

Therefore, Big Bang’s concert are sold out once again after their ticketing in the U.S. They are showing how popular and how strong their influence are because they have not done a single promotion in those countries.

The ticketing of Big Bang’s world tour, Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 that was held at California and New Jersey on September 22, was also sold out in less than two hours.

Besides the U.S and Hong Kong, Big Bang’s tickets have all been sold out in Korea, Japan(5 cities), China(3 cities), Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, and Malaysia. Most of those countries have had 10,000 seats, and it was Big Bang’s first visit to their countries.

Big Bang’s world tour that has been hosted by the world-renowned performing company, Live Nation, received positive reviews with their fancy videos and high quality live performances.

Starting from September 28 at Singapore, Big Bang will be heading on a world tour until December.

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Taeyang To Release New Album

On September 25, Taeyang revealed to public that he his working in his new album when he appeared on Naver’s “GD Friends Live” and commented, “I came again on this show today. I’ve been intervening a bit during G-Dragon’s activities so I'm thinking that people might wonder if I have nothing to do.”

He went on, “In fact, I’m really busy right now. I’m currently working on my solo album.”

His fellow members, G-Dragon and Daesung cheered him saying, “Your solo album will definitely do well.”

During a phone interview, YG Entertainment said, “Now is not the right time to further discuss Taeyang’s solo album. Right now, Big Bang is currently busy holding their world tour so they would usually be abroad on the weekends. Not only Taeyang, but Big Bang is constantly working on their next album.”

The representative commented, “Since Big Bang will be busy holding their world tour til this December, if Taeyang’s album does come out it will be afterwards.”

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Big Bang's G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung Talks About Seungri

*This photo is from GD's Twitter/Instagram update way back when they were in Japan

The members of Big Bang commented on Seungri's recent string of scandals, and spoke carefully and honestly about their feelings on the situation.

G-Dragon held his online concert on Sepetember 25, 'GD Friends Live' through portal site Naver. Fellow members Taeyang and Daesung went as well to give support and joined GD in a talk session.

The three of them started by updating fans on T.O.P., who was injured his hand while filming his upcoming film, 'Alumnus'. Then they talked about Seungri, G-Dragon started by saying, “Seungri is doing well. He’s filming in Japan right now. He’s fine.”

Taeyang stated carefully, “I’ll just be frank about this. We reprimanded him a lot. He’s reflecting on his actions now. Don’t people make mistakes? I think for us, as his brothers, we need to forgive those mistakes. These are problems that we must carry with us. Once again, we reprimanded Seungri and will make sure that it won’t happen again.

Daesung added, “Shall we finish this off by saying ‘Seungri-ya, we miss you. We love you’?”

But then Taeyang honestly said back, “I can’t actually say that I love him right at this moment. I think he needs more time to reflect.”

G-Dragon also said, “I nor any of us, are in any position to be reprimanding anyone, but I will work hard if it means that we can show a better image to everyone. I think it’s all up to us as to how well we do. He’s currently self-reflecting, I know because I’ve been through it before. These times aren’t just wasted times, but times that truly help your life. Thinking about it in a different light, you can see it as a good experience as well. If you all view him in a good light, I’m sure that Seungri will be able to show you a better image as an even better man and adult.”

Finishing the topic, G-Dragon stated towards Seungri, “Seungri, I don’t love you yet as well but I will love you and I miss you. Fighting.”

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Super Junior Siwon Reveals His Abs For His New Drama

Super Junior Siwon revealed a photo of him with nothing but a towel thus showing his chocolate abs, for his drama SBS' King of Drama.

Siwon said, “I was nervous because it was the first shooting. I’ve been waiting for this shoot, and the day passed by really fast. As they say, if the start is good, the ending will be good, and the first shooting went without a hitch. I feel like this will be a good drama.”

Siwon's trademark is his sculpted body with those biceps and abs, thus receiving a lot of attention from his fans. This photo was a scene from his drama, where Jung Ryeo Won‘s character, a rookie writer, kidnaps him without giving him a chance to wear clothes, leaving Siwon half naked.

‘King of Drama’ will start airing November 5th.

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2NE1 Dara Shows Appreciation in Fan's Gift

On the September 25, 2NE1‘s Dara uploaded a photo of herself holding a guitar on her me2day.

She posted, “I’m trying to play the practice song that I just started learning using the uber cute ‘Dara guitar strap’ that fans made me when I went to LA. I learned only two parts, but it’s hard. It’s hard this time too. When will I become the ‘Hongdae Goddess’ at this rate? Keke. I’ll try hard to learn though~ ^_^ Ssan-coustic fighting! [Strum, strum~] Dara has rented out [Park Bom]-Minzy‘s dorm living room. Am I playing the guitar melodiously at someone else’s house? It might seem like it, but the reality is that I’m just making noise.”

You can see in the photo that Dara is playing a guitar that has a design of 2NE1 on it and a strap with with her name written on it.

The fans who saw her post responded, “Unnie you're so pretty.“, “She's very sweet to her fans.“, ”The mood is very serious.“, and “It’s not noise! Even if it is noise, I’m prepared to listen.“.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SHINee Release Short MV for Dazzling Girl

SHINee is preparing for their comeback in Japan with a brand new single “Dazzling Girl”. EMI Music Japan revealed a short music video, prior to its official release.

“Dazzling Girl” is a piano and techno pop song with a simple and fresh melody. This song is about how you feel when you meet and fall in love to that dazzling girl.

The album will be available on stores in October 10th, the new single will include two new songs including the title track “Dazzling Girl” and “Run With Me”

Here is a short music video of Dazzling Girl:

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Sulli & Minho's Cute Couple Photo

The on screen love team f(x)'s Sulli and SHINee's Minho post for an adorable and  cute photo of them in their SBS Drama series To The Beautiful You.

Sulli and Minho shows an excellent job in portraying their roles. Sulli, although acting like a boy showed her femine side, who falls in love and Minho as a cold guy, but sweet and caring when he's in love. Although in the said show, the two didn't confess of what they truly feel, they are good in showing that they have feelings for each other, which makes the fans and viewers giddy. The show is heating up because of their love triangle with the character of Lee Hyun Woo.

Netizens commented on the photo saying, "Minho, handsome as always!And Sulli is really beautiful." and "Oh look at this, they too cute!"

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Miss A's Suzy New Face of Canon

Suzy's beauty caught the attention of one of the most popular brand of camera in the world - Canon. She recently become the new face of Canon.

“The innocent image of Suzy, which was shown in the film Architecture 101, matches the emotional design of Canon cameras well.” said by Son Sook Hee, the deputy head of the Marketing Communication Department of Canon Korea.

Suzy says, “I’m so happy to be the new face of Canon because I’m very much interested in cameras and taking pictures. It was great to see various products of Canon at the photo shoot. I especially liked the Power Shot SX500 IS because it was easy to grab and had various functions.”

Suzy already finished shooting the promotional photos and interview videos. She will be participating in promoting events of Canon.

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2PM First 4 Stops of 'What Time Is It?' Global Tour

2pm announces their first four stop in their upcoming global tour called 'What time is it?' The announcement was made in 2pm's official fan cafe with this statement “Hello. This is JYPE. We’re announcing 2PM’s GLOBAL TOUR 2012 ‘What time is it?’.” Ticket details will be soon revealed.

The first four places with date are as follows:
November 17: Shanghai, China; Mercedes Benz Arena
December 8: Jakarta, Indonesia’ Mata Elang International Stadium
December 15: Taipei, Taiwan; Nangang Exhibition Hall
December 22: Macau, China; Venetian Cotai Arena

It was also stated that Nichkhun's participation will depend on the local event organizers and their associated contracts.It was also stated that Nichkhun's participation will depend on the local event organizers and their associated contracts.

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Tickets Sold Out in Big Bang's First Ever Concert in USA

Honda Center (Anaheim, CA) - Saturday, November 3rd
Prudential Center (Newark, NJ) - Friday, November 9th

YG Entertainment and Live Nation announces the first ever U.S. Tour of Big Bang just last week. And in September 22 (Saturday) both of the band’s upcoming arena dates sold out just two hours after they went on sale. This is a proof that U.S. Big Bang fans are surely excited to see them perform.

Rich Best, Executive Vice President of Booking for Live Nation/Southern California said “For a group to sell out their first-ever U.S. shows is fantastic, and to do so in major arenas such as Honda Center and the Prudential Center is a tremendous accomplishment,” and “But to do it this quickly, that’s simply unheard of.”

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012 has sold out in every country they have visited. In Korea, they played for 30,000 fans and tickets selling out instantly. Their 13 shows in Japan are all sold out and they perform for 210,000 fans. In Jakarta, tickets were sold out in just 10 minutes after it went on sale. In Singapore, tickets were sold out after hours of sale and added a second show because of huge demand in tickets. Their most recent show was in Taiwan, performing for 22,000 fans and tickets are all sold out.

This is a proof that Big Bang is definitely one of the Kpop group that's famous not just in Korea but internationally as well.

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Psy appears on McDonald’s French fries shaker bag in Malaysia

The world-star Psy has appeared in McDonald’s French fries shaker bag. The Gangnam Style star proved once again his rising popularity.

Recently there are post in online community on "How Psy shake french fries in Malaysia".

The post is about how to enjoy french fries shaker in Malaysia. The instructions in the shaker says that put the seasoning in the bag and shake it by dancing the horse riding dance of Psy in Gangnam Style.

Netizens who saw the post commented: “They’ve got some brilliant ideas there.” “Psy’s popularity soars.” “Let’s shake it like Gangnam style?”

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10/30/2012: Goodbye Leeteuk

The date is confirmed! On October 30 2012, Kpop Super Junior member and leader Leeteuk will be enlisted in the army.

But before joining the military, Leeteuk expressed his feelings about it. He even uploaded a picture of himself on his official Twitter account with a caption that says, “This picture was taken when I was doing a promotional event for the movie Attack on the Pin-up Boys last 2008. This kind of hairstyle was the trend before. I’m just wondering, if this hairstyle would still fit me two years from now?” (He has brown hair with a pony tail on).

Most of his fans reacted to his tweet saying “I think you can still have that hairstyle two years after”. “Please take good care of yourself in the army. I want to see you wearing the same hairstyle again”. “I can feel his deep sadness”.

Leeteuk will receive 5 weeks of military training, and he will proceed for 21 months service in the army.

We will surely miss you Leeteuk!

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Look who’s missing the Philippines?

On September 18th, Kpop idol and 2NE1 member Sandara or simply Dara surprisingly tweeted MYX VJ and actor Luis Manzano with “koya luis!!! How r u? This is Ipuni!!!”.

A few days to go, Dara decided to join in the social networking world called Twitter. She created her official account with the handle @krung21 and began to reach out to her celebrity friends both in the Philippines and Korea as well as to her fans.

Luis and Dara first met when the later join an artista search in TV “Star Circle Quest” to pursue a career in the Philippines.

And in response with Krung Krung’s tweet, Manzano asked her “at bakit npa twitter ka? Kelan balik mo? (why you decided to create a Twitter account? When you will visit here again?). Dara then replied, “d ko alam kelan ako babalik dyan.. Sobrang nahohomesick ako!!! Puntahan mo ako sa korea – bring sinigang na hipon for me! (I don’t know when I will be coming back there.. I’m so homesick!!! Visit me here in korea ~ bring shrimp sinigang for me!).

Read their actual Twitter conversation here: 


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Psy: How Famous Is He Now Part 2?

Gangnam Style fever still continued and so does Psy mania. If everyone is thinking that Psy had enough, well think again.

These photos will prove that Psy is really the man of the year as he hit the whole world by storm with his chart topper single and now holds Guinness World record for liked video in Youtube, Gangnam Style.

Psy with LMFAO member Redfoo

Redfoo tweeted a photo of himself alongside Psy on September 23rd with the caption “Hey sexy ladies! At @taolasvegas with @psy_oppa #yeeeaahbaby”.

Psy with Bon Jovi

Psy recently posted a picture of himself alongside world famous rock group vocalist Jon Bon Jovi

Psy with L.A Reid

After meeting L.A. Reid at the Ellen show, Psy instantly established a friendship with him.

Psy with Ellen De Generes

This photo took place when Ellen invited him over on her talk show for the second time around.

Psy with Usher

It started with a picture together then develops a great friendship. This is what happened to RNB singer 
Usher and Psy.

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2NE1 and Will.I. Am Collaboration?

Kpop group 2NE1 and Black Eye Peas member Will.I.Am will be having their first collaboration together.

According to Will.I.Am, he is very excited about their collaboration with 2NE1 and he’s really proud of those girls. He’s honored to be with the girls and have them on his record.

He confirmed this rumor on his album wrap up party entitled, #Willpower Album Wrap Up Party.

Watch the video below!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Is This Really Lee Min Ho? Check This Out!

When I saw this picture I was… really shocked! I can’t imagine that this is our Kpop idol Lee Min Ho back in his old days.

Check out the photo below:

This viral photo, since it is currently attracting a lot of attention in the online community was taken nine years ago. In the photo, Lee Minho and VJ Danji, the girl that she’s with are portraying like lovers. In the lower left corner of the photo, there is a captioned that says “They’re lovers, dressed in similar types of clothes”.

Lee Min Ho was a high school student and Danji was a college student when the photo took place.

Some people are asking if they were really dating since they saw a magazine similar to this one somewhere in the past. Do you believe in this?

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Define S.W.A.G = G Dragon!

Swag, is the most common term that we say when we see someone who has a unique style not just with clothing but also on how they carry their self, in other word, cool. And speaking of Swag, I think this is the best word to describe Kpop Big Bang leader G-Dragon who attended the launching for the “My Book in Seoul”.

From head to toe, there is no doubt that GD is a real swagger!  He proved to everyone that he is the real fashion king when he arrived in the said event wearing an all metallic track suit, plus a pair of sneakers and shades, and of course, his eye catching hairstyle and incomparable fashion sense. He is also wearing a necklace the one that he wore in his “Crayon” music video to complete his get up.

GD collaborates with Japanese jewelry brand “Ambush” in crafting accessories which will be available soon and in limited edition only. So watch out for it.

Check out his cool photos below:

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daniel Henney To Return Again In A Korean Drama Series

After 3 years of waiting, finally we will be able to see him act in a Korean drama series again. Actor/Model Daniel Henney is being considered for a role in the upcoming series “Iris 2”, the sequel of the original drama “Iris”.

On September 18th, some insiders confirmed that Henney is under negotiations to join the cast of the said series which is soon to air starting next year, 2013 in Korea.

Along with Daniel, the confirmed cast lineups are as follows; Kim Young Chul, Kim Soo Woo, Oh Yeon Soo and Im Soo Hayng, while Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae are also in negotiations to join the action series.  

Let’s hope for the best. J

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Psy Mania, Still On The Rise!

Unstoppable Kpop star turned-international-sensation Psy strike another pose with big names in Hollywood, Ellen De Generes and L.A. Reid.

On September 19th, Psy shared on his twitter account saying, “One and only @TheEllenShow everybody!!! Just performed #gangnamstyle” and posted a photo. Due to a high rating that Ellen’s talk show received when Psy appeared as a guest, he was invited back again in The Ellen Degeneras Show and seems like Psy established a friendship with Ellen already. Just look at the picture below.  Ellen looks happy while Psy looks, nervous again? Lol.

Furthermore, after striking a posed with Ellen, Psy also posted a photo of him with L.A. Reid after meeting him at the Ellen show. For those people who don’t know L.A. Reid, let me give you a quick introduction about this guy. He is a famous songwriter, producer and record executive who work with the biggest star in Hollywood like Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and many more.

Take a look at their picture below:

Credits: Psy’s Twitter

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Bang Seungri Has A Girlfriend?

Looks like Big Bang Kpop member Seungri is enjoying his stay in Japan.

Following his recent scandal, (read here, it seems like Seungri has been involved again in another scandal.

Yesterday, September 18th, photos of Seungri and a Japanese model and actress named Anna Kubo spread like wildfire in the online community. In the said photo revealed by Taiwanese newspaper “Apple Daily” Anna is kissing Seungri on the cheek. They are currently in Hong Kong for a series of shooting for their Japanese drama series entitled” The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case”.

The report stated that the two were spotted along with a group of people after a late-night filming session for the finale of the said drama series. They were seen having fun at a karaoke bar til 3AM and having some intimate interactions between Seungri and Anna.  

Check out the picture below!

If there is something wrong with this picture… Well I can’t see anything wrong about it. How about you, what do you think about this so called "scandalous picture"? 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Psy, The Man That Launches A Thousand Funny Faces! View Here

How well do you know Kpop star Psy? Well this is your chance to know him a little deeper through these pictures.

Psy is and will always be the member of the YG Entertainment!

The Concert King! He can make his audience laugh the whole time while performing on stage, such great entertainer indeed.

A beautiful face with a kind heart, lol. She can turn into a beautiful young lady if necessary. Look how sexy and pretty she can be. J

Look at his chocolate abs, isn't it look so great?

Psy, the great pretender. Parodying IU and Hyun Bin from Secret Garden .

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