Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Minzy of Korean Kpop Group 2NE1 Singing Halo By Beyonce

For Minzy’s followers this video is a must watch!

At first, I don’t like Minzy, for a simple reason; I thought she was only accepted as part of the kpop group 2NE1 because of her dancing (she’s an excellent dancer) but that’s all. Not until I watched this video, and I must admit now, she’s a great dancer plus a great singer too. I can see how talented she really is now.


Real Name: Gong Minji
Stage Name: Minzy
Born: January 18, 1994
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Label: YG Entertainment

Minzy started her career in 2009, alongside CL, Sandara Park, and Park Boom as 2NE1. She was discovered by YG Entertainment through a video uploaded on the internet while she was dancing. The video become viral and she received praises because of her exceptional talent to dance. YG then contacted her and recruited her.  

TV Appearance:

2NE1 TV (Mnet) in 2009
Style (SBS) in 2006
2NE1 TV Season 2 (Mnet) in 2010
2NE1 TVSeason 3 (Mnet) in 2011

Movie Appearance:

Girlfriends (cameo) in 2009

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Monday, July 30, 2012

T-ara’s Hwayoung is Out!

The famous Kpop girl group T-ara is suffering the worst scandal today.

Rumors and speculations have been posted throughout the internet about T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied by other T-ara members. Why is that so? What is happening to them?

There has been an event that Hwayoung got injured in the leg in their performance on SBS Inkigayo last July 22 and she wasn’t able to perform in their Budoken Concerts in Japan last July 25 to 26.

Eun Jung tweeted last July 25 saying “Like how the location creates a person, a person’s will also does the same. Sigh. It’s so unfortunate. You have to know how to take care of the people around you.”

Since then, controversial tweets were seen and it talks about ‘will’, ‘respect’, ‘difference’, ‘common sense’ and other stuff, more like of pertaining to Hwayoung’s incompetence.

In addition to that, many photos and camera snapshot relating to the bullying scandal where posted, like Eun Jung trying to feed Hwayoung a whole rice cake on a Japanese broadcast and another scene where Hyomin poked Hwayoung’s eyes while lifting her arm. Isn’t it too much for the T-ara members?

What’s happening behind the scandal is a question to every netizens and T-ara fans and a possible out casting of Hwayoung in the group became a rumor. But every problem should be resolved no matter what.

And so the representative of the Core Contents Media, Kim Kwang Soo, stated that, “After I return from this business trip in Japan, I will make an announcement about T-ara on the 30th”, for things to be cleared.

Finally the long wait is over. As of this day, Hwayoung is no longer part of the T-ara group. How unfortunate. 

Bye Bye Hwayoung :'(

Before this controversy happen, t-ara recently released their first Japanese album entitled "Jewelry Box". To relive again their moment as a group, you can download their music videos and songs at www.filebook.com.ph.

Choi Si Won: Getting in the Limelight of Kpop World

Choi Si-won is a South Korean model, actor and singer born on April 7, 1986. He is a member of the famous kpop boy group Super Junior.

All About Si-won:
  • Choi Si-won came from a well-known family. His father is currently the CEO of a pharmaceutical company.
  • He is a devoted Protestant Christian and he wants to become a missionary someday.
  • He auditioned for SM Entertainment at the age of 16, but his parents doesn't know about it. He only notified his parents only after he passed the audition. Although his parents are not against his decision, they let him to take full responsibility of his actions.
  • His first featured music video is The Grace’s Dana.
  • Si-won’s first acting appearance in a short drama, Precious Family, Eighteen, Twenty-Nine and supporting role in a korean drama Spring Waltz respectively.
  • He first debuted with his group Super Junior 05 (Super Junior) in 2005.
  • Right after his musical and tv series debut, he was cast in the Hongkong movie entitled “A Battle of Wits” as Prince Liang Shi.
  • After his movie debut, he then starred in the high school film Attact on the Pin-Up Boys with his co-group member.
  • He got his first lead role in a Korean TV series, Legend of Hyang Dan as Lee Mong-ryong.
  • He also starred in a romantic comedy tv series, Oh My Lady.
  • He was featured in some famous magazines such as Men’s Health, Elle, Cosmopolitan and High Cut. He also does modeling for prominent brand names like Lacoste, Burberry, Gucci and many more.
  • In 2009, he joined the cast of Athena: Goddess of War, a korean action drama series as Agent Kim Jun-Ho.
  • Last year, he was cast as one of the main character in Poseidon. Also, he was starred in a Taiwanese movie, Skip Beat – a Japanese adaptation of Japanese shojo manga with the same title.
  • He recently finished his course Physical education in Inha University.
  • Siwon was chosen as one of the endorser of Bench, top Philippine fashion brand alongside Donghae for its 25th Anniversary.
  • He was reunited with his group Super Junior again and they recently released their 6th album entitled Sexy, Free and Single. 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Moon Meets the Sun: Korean Drama Series Review of The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Aligned with the best tv series like Dong Yi, Jumong, Jewel in the Palace, Chuno and Queen Seon Duk, another Korean drama series will definitely hit the Philippine television by storm, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun is a k-series adapted from a novel with the similar title that depicts the life of a female shaman and the king of the Joseon Dynasty.  The sun represents the king of Joseon Dynasty and the moon symbolizes the queen.

Meet the Main Characters:

Han Ga In (Heo Yeon Woo)  is a daughter of a righteous family and chosen to become the Crown Princess of the Joseon emprire. At the palace, she meets Hwon by accident, the crown prince but at first the prince hides his true identity to her.  As time passes by, the relationship between Woo and the prince deepens, they fell in love with each other. When the prince decided to marry her, the high position members of the palace prepared a dark plan against her. The Queen Dowager Jung Hui, orders Yeon Woo to be killed because she wants Yoon Bo Kyung to become the crown princess in its place. But their plan of killing her failed because a shaman saved her life, and brings her to the place of shamans. She was raised there and after eight years she returned to the palace with a new identity, she was called by the name Wol and she doesn’t remember anything of what happened to her eight years ago.

Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Hwon), an easy-go-lucky young crown prince who doesn’t care about being one of the highest positions in the palace not until the day he met Yeon Woo. Through Woo, he finally realized that he will one day rule a palace and become a king. He falls in love with Woo and he’s determined to make her as his crown princess but unfortunate thing happened, Woo unexpectedly dies. After that incident, years later, Soo Hyun became the king and turns out to be an arrogant guy and he rarely smiles He marry Yoon Bo Kyung instead. After eight years, he meets Yeon Woo again, but this time she can’t even recognized him.

Jung Il Woo (Prince Yang Myung)  is the elder half brother of Lee Hwon. A carefree and free spirited guy but deep inside he’s longing for the love and affection of his father (King Seongjo) because his father treated him with coldness. After meeting Yeon Woo, he started to love her. When Woo chooses to become the crown princess and later dies, he was extremely poignant and furious to what happened with the person that he secretly loved. Eight years later, fate lets him meet Wol again.

Kim Min Seo (Yoon Bo Kyung), the one who married Lee Hwon. She was used as a means by the Queen Dowager to gained more. The queen’s planned became successful when Bo Kyung finally marry the crown prince and later she turn out to be the Queen of the palace but she never get the love of his king because he is still in love with Woo.

Can Yeon Woo/Wol bring back her memory and regain her rightful position in the palace? Will they have a happy ever after ending? This k-drama series is a must watch and I’m pretty sure it will be well love by Filipinos, just like the previous korean dramas aired in the Philippines.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woman Power! Korean Drama Review of Big Thing

The star that brought you ‘Queen Seon Duk’ (2009) and ‘What’s Up Fox?’ (2006) is back with her latest Korean drama series. Introducing Korea’s finest actress, model and singer Ko Hyun-Jung partners with Korea’s hallyu star Kwon Sang Woo, “Dae Mul or locally known as “Big Thing”. 

Brief Synopsis:

Big Thing depicts the life of a simple woman who turns-out to be as one of the greatest ruler in Korea. Korea’s first female president, Seo Hye-Rim (Ko Hyun-Jung), didn’t expect these kinds of things would come to her life. She was once a radio announcer and became a member of the National Assembly and all she wanted was justice for her husband’s undeserved death. 

Ha Do Ya (Kwon Sang Woo) supported Hye-Rim all the way, even if he was a lowborn. He studied hard and became a prosecutor. President Seo Hye-Rim will now face all the adversaries as she sits in the highest rank a Korean female ever made. 

Side Note:

This tv series is a must watch! I adored Seo’s character here because of her toughness as a woman, honesty, strength, and loyalty. She knows how to forgive and forget all the bad things that happened to her life and managed to climb the stairs of success. She stands her ground even if there are people against her decisions and prove each of them what she really made of. Overall, Big Thing is well written and acted. Highly recommended!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Bang: Before and After

For Big Bang fanatics, here are some of their cute and adorable childhood pictures. See how each of your favorite kpop group members changed and became one of the hottest Korean boy bands today.

G Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong)

The leader of Big Bang; a rapper,model, singer and songwriter.

T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)

Lead rapper of the group; an actor and a recording artist, a rapper.

Taeyang (Dong Youngbae)

One of the vocalist of the group; model and a recording artist.

Daesung (Kang Daesung)

Another vocalist of Big Bang; a recording artist, an actor and variety host.

Seungri (Lee Seung-hyun)

Another vocalist of the group alongside taeyang and daesung; a dancer, record producer, composer and singer.

See for yourself Big Bang followers and decide who is the cutest among them.  

The King of All King: Kim Tak Goo “The Baker King”

The King of Baking, Kim Takgu also known as The Baker King was one of the successful Korean drama series aired in the Philippines. The story revolves around the life of Kim Tak Goo, the eldest son of the president of Samhwa Enterprise Goo II Joong.


Kim Tak Goo is a simple person with a big dream, to become famous in the baking industry just like his father. He is the eldest son of Goo II Joong to Kim Misun (mother of Tak Goo) which is his mistress. Due to loathing and envious to Kim Tak Goo, the chairman’s wife Insok, made his life miserable. Worst, she planned to rob Tak Goo’s mother just to get rid of him.

After his mother was kidnapped, Takgu decided to leave his home to look for his mother because his mother is very dear to him. He spends 12 years looking for her. With his journey to find his mother, he entered a baking school of Pal Bong (a legend in the baking industry, just like his father and who happens to be the teacher of his father).

At the baking school, Takgu found the man who kidnapped his mother, but he tells that his mother is already dead. After knowing that his mother is already dead, he continued his life in the bakery and become skilled in making bread.

On the other hand, Majun, Takgu’s half brother is also at the same school. He wants to learn the art of making bread to get his father’s approval to take over their family business. But, Takgu is not aware of it since his half brother never reveals his true identity to them.

On the later part of the story, it is revealed that Takgu’s mother is not dead, and she is also looking for his son as well. The president also spent some years looking for his eldest son, eventually learned that he is living in the bakery where he first master the art of making bread and he was so angry to Majun because he hide the truth from him.

Takgu reunited to his mother again. However, it is not yet the end of the story. Insok and her lover Han (the President assistant), made another dark planned to kill Takgu and to make sure that Majun will take the position of his father as the president of their company. Unfortunately, they failed with their planned and Han goes to prison. And at the end, as the saying goes “the characters live happily ever after”.

Point of View:

I love the character of Takgu. He’s like a typical person who never fails to dream and always think positive. He will do anything to make his dream come true whatever it takes. Despite of the trials and hardships that he encountered on his journey, he never failed to smile. Also, I love the way he love his mother and he never let anger stay on his heart which makes him a better person, from my point of view.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

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Friday, July 20, 2012

All About 2NE1: KPop All Girls Group

Labeled as one of the hottest kpop groups, they captured the heart of many Filipinos because of their exceptional talent and sweetness, not to mention with Sandra Park or Dara on it (she joined the very first “Star Circle Quest before, had her acting career after the contest and called “Pambansang KrungKrung”). 2NE1 is a Korean girl group under YG Entertainment consists of 4 members namely CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy.

2NE1 (Little Trivia)
  1. 2NE1 was formed in 2009. The name derived from the word 21’s century and new evolution and it is enunciated “to anyone” or “twenty one”.
  2. Their first debut single “Fire” was launched in the same year. They also appeared for LG Electronics commercial with Big Bang entitled “Lollipop”.
  3. Their very first song “Fire” received over 1,000,000 views within 24 hours of its release.
  4. Minzy is the youngest amongst 2NE1 group member. She just turned 18 last January.
  5. Bom or Park Bom was rejected by YG Entertainment at first but it didn’t stop her to pursue her dream to become one of the talents of YGE. It took her 3 years before the company accepted her as a trainee.
  6. CL supposed to launch as a solo artist but their company decided to place her under 2NE1 and act as the leader of the group.
  7. Dara took 3 years of training under YGE before debuting in 2NE1.
  8. In 2011, the group officially debuted in Japan.
  9. Their songs “Go Away” and “I don’t Care”, symbolizes girl power and independence.
  10. The group first cameo in 2009 Girlfriends and later on launched their first TV show entitled “2NE1TV” (season 1 to 3) which follows their life on-and-off cam.
  11. 2NE1 is set to have their world tour concert this year. The group will visit New Jersey and Los Angles first.
  12. They released their comeback song recently entitled “I Love You” and it already reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard K-Pop Hot 100.