Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jang Dong-gun - Then and Now 
(movies & TV series)

South Korean actor and musician and born on March 7, 1972 (turning 41 this March)

In 1994 he had a break and starred in TV series like "Medical Brothers", "Model", and "All About Eve"

Jang made his film debut in "Repechage", winning the Blue Dragon Best New Actor award.
He won again in 2009 as Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as the dedicated cop in “Nowhere to Hide”.

In 2000, he starred in the film “Friend”, which was the highest grossing Korean film that time. He gained lots of critical acclaim for his role as a troubled youngster who joined the mafia.

The following year he starred in the popular action blockbuster 2009 “Lost Memories” set in a futuristic Great Japan. He had to learn Japanese during this film.

He also starred in the movie “Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War” (2004), a film about the Korean War, that again made box office records. His portrayal of one of two brothers drafted into the war earned him a third Blue Dragon award.

Jang also had his Hollywood debut “The Warrior's Way”, starring Kate Bosworth (Straw Dogs, Superman Returns) and Geoffrey Rush (The Green Lantern, The Kings Speech, Quills), but the film was released in 2010

Jang made his highly-anticipated return to television dramas in “AGentleman's Dignity”, a story of four gents in their forties and their struggles for happiness and love.

After the series ended, Jang and co-star Kim Min-jong (A Gentleman's DignityMy Queen, A Man Called GodThe Return of Iljimae) visited refugees in Congo on a mission trip sponsored by UNICEF and UNHCR's World Food Programme.

kind-hearted gentlemen...

Jang enjoys playing baseball and is a member of the celebrity amateur baseball team "Playboys". Together with Hyun Bin, Kim Seung-woo, Joo Jin Mo, Gong Hyung Jin, Ahn Gil Sang, Jo In Sung, Ji Jin Hee, Gong Yoo and Hwang Jung Min.

Jang and Ko So-young, his co-star in the 1999 film "Love Wind Love Song", tied knots on May 2010 in an extravagant wedding ceremony at Seoul's Shilla Hotel. Their son was born on October 4, 2010.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why so handsome? Lee Min Ho’s photo shoot

Lee Min Ho poses for a photo shoot on a famous men’s clothing brand for the spring and summer collection.

Why is he so handsome? Take a look.


Almost every girl will not say ‘No’
A true gentleman

With that almost-perfect face, who could disagree?

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Friday, January 25, 2013

We see every year new-to-the-eye fashion trends from different public icons. Some may see it weird, others call it artistry and most are likely to follow or mimic these trends. From hairstyles to funky sneakers to oversized accessories, still these were patronized by many.

Kpop stars would be first on the list to spread these fashion trends. Well, this could be a creative way of marketing these artists.

From last year’s dubstep break fever, which were popularized by Bigbang and other famous Korean male and female groups, some predictable fashion trends are popping out.



FIESTAR‘s “We Don’t Stop“


Hello Venus‘s “What Are You Doing Today?”



What do you think is the best style for 2013?

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hangul: 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드

A popular high school rock group, Eye Candy, consisting of six members, dominated their school with their music. When, Dong Nae High School was force to shut down, entering Jungsang High, a more rigorous school, is another issue.

Lee Min-ki as Joo Byung-hee
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist
The original leader and soul of Eye Candy, Byung-hee is full of charisma and passion in his heart when it comes to music. He meets Im Soo-ah and finds inspiration in her.

Sung Joon as Kwon Ji-hyuk
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist
An abandoned child and raised by his grandparents, Ji-hyuk became an automatic leader of Eye Candy when the old leader Joo Byung-hee died. He keeps a secret love with Im Soo-ah.

Lee Hyun-jae as Jang Do-il
Position: Drummer
Living his private life hidden as a son of a mob boss, Do-il is the quiet, kind and charismatic guy among the group. He has a secret crush on Bang Woo-kyung.

Kim Myung-soo (L) as Lee Hyun-soo
Position: Guitarist
Know as the Ice Prince, Hyun-soo is short tempered and mean. However, he is the most caring brother to his younger sister.

Yoo Min-kyu as Kim Ha-jin
Position: Bassist
The playboy that only wants to meet lots of girls will have a one-sided love for Kim Ye Rim.

Kim Min-suk as Seo Kyung-jong
Position: Keyboard
Claiming that he joined the band just to earn money, Kyung-jong will discover true friendship within his bandmates.

Jo Bo-ah as Im Soo-ah
She is a daughter of a wealthy businessman who's gone bankrupt, that’s why they had to move to a cheaper place, neighboring Kwon Ji-hyuk. She is Byung-hee's muse and later will develop a relationship with Ji-hyuk.

The story deals with the lives of a six-member high school rock band. Their friendship, loyalty and passion for music will be put to the test. If you want to watch something fresh, spunky and deals more about the youth’s struggles in pursuing their dreams, well, this one is right for you. It really brings you back to your high school days.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The veteran journalist and column writer Ricky Lo had an interview with the stars of the movie “Les Miserables” Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries, Havoc, The Devil Wears Prada, Get Smart, Bride Wars, Love and Other Drugs, The Dark Knight Rises) and Amanda Seyfried (Chloe, Dear John, In Time, Gone).

But the most epic, to have all the bashers, supporters and netizens alike to react on the interview was with Anne. The interview started when Lo questions Anne about her weight loss for “Les Miserables” which the actress refused to answer. Then in the end, she showed an unfavorable reaction when Lo requested her to invite her fans in the Philippines to watch the movie.

This became viral over all social networking sites and comments from different points of view,

“Lo can’t handle interviews with big celebrities”;

“This was a disaster for both sides”;

“Lo should have prepared better questions to keep the celebrity engaged in the conversation”;

“He doesn't react well with Anne Hathaway answers”;

Ruffa Gutierrez’s Twitter account posted the link, saying “She (Hathaway) suddenly switched to ‘bitchiness’”; and

Jim Paredes in a Facebook thread described the interview as “a big cultural gap.”

Hmmm…watch here to judge for yourself.

For those who missed watching it, you can get it here:
In 19th-century France, Jean Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by the ruthless policeman Javert after he breaks parole, agrees to care for factory worker Fantine's daughter, Cosette. The fateful decision changes their lives forever.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Girls’ Generation kicked it off! With their new song “I Got a Boy” that will surely be a hit.  

Despite the rising of different Kpop genres, artists and style nowadays, GeeGee’s “I Got a Boy” may be one of the most influential releases in recent time.

The lyric tells about an inlove girl who’s got a boy, that is kind, handsome and a real heartthrob. The song begins kinda mellow and hip, followed by a rap ghetto style to electropop mixed with some sexy voices on the refrain, and to last longer than an ordinary songs. 

A mixed of different genres made the song so exciting to hear, waiting for what would be next. Listening to it gives you the goose bumps, up to its smashing ending and it leaves your soul being pumped up by the kpop music. Also in their MV, notice the cool and fresh styles over the girls, with their crazy hair color of blue, pink, red and green; their accessorized and colorful dresses, trousers, sweaters; and a really hip popart over the backdrop. 

Watch the music video

Great job Girls' Generation! Definitely, they made another big hit in the kpop music industry. 

You can listen to their songs here

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upcoming Korean dramas of 2013

7th Level Civil Servant (7급공무원)
Joo Won, Choi Kang Hee, Hwang Chan Sung, Kim Min Seo, Kim Soo Hyun

From the movie script of "My Girlfriend is an Agent", Joo Won of Bridal Mask/Gaksital is back with a new drama as Han Gil Ro. 

Guga Medical Book (구가의서)
Lee Seung Ki, Suzy, Lee Yeon Hee

Lee Seung Ki (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, The King 2 Hearts, Shining Inheritance) and Bae Suzy (To the Beautiful You, Dream High, Dream High 2, Big) will be the lead roles of a new fantasy-drama.

Queen's Classroom (여왕의 교실)
Ko Hyun Jung

The star of Queen Seondeok (2009), Dae Mul (2010) and What's Up Fox (2006) is back with a new drama as a self-righteous teacher.

IRIS 2 (아이리스 2)
Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Min Jong, Lee Bum Soo

The sequel of the 2009's IRIS, Agent Yoo-Gun will be involved in a case that will change his life forever.

Incarnation of Money (돈의 화신)
Hwang Jung Eum, Kang Ji Hwan, Ham Eun Jung, Seo Shin Ae, Park Ji Bin

Kang Ji Hwan (Lie to Me, Coffee House, Hong Gil Dong, Capital Scandal) will be part in a drama about money, love, law and passion.

That Winter, The Wind Blows ( 겨울, 바람이 분다)
Jo In Sung, Song Hye Gyo, Kim Bum, Jung Eun Ji, Kim Tae Woo

Song Hye Gyo (Full House, Worlds Within) and Jo In Sung (What Happened in Bali, Spring Day) will be the lead roles on a new Korean drama about two people, after being broken into pieces, will find hope and love in each other.

Better watch out for these upcoming dramas and let's see what's hot and what's not. For more Korean dramas, you can visit