Monday, July 9, 2012

Marry Me Mary: A Korean Drama Series to Brighten Up Your Gloomy Day

This is the continuation of my last post yesterday about Jang Geun –suk.  Let me make a review on his top korean drama series Marry me Mary also known as Marry Stayed Out All Night.


Ui Mae Ri or Mary (Moon Geun-Young) is a stubborn but cheerful daughter of an unsuccessful businessman (Wi Dae Han) who always runaway from debtors. She doesn’t have much experience in dating until she meets the rock star wannabe Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Geun-suk) when she nearly hit him with her car. 


Kang Moo Kyul

Jung In

Kang is a lead vocalist of an amateur rock band. With his good looks and exceptional talent in music, he had lots of offer from recording companies, however he declined them because he want to stick with his band mates as he treated them as part of his family.

Their complicated life start when Mary asked for the help of Moo Kyul to pretend that they are lovers since her father will arrange amarriage between her and Jung In (Kim Jae-Wook), a businessman and the son of his old friend to repay all his debt. Mary and Moo Kyul set a fake marriage to show his father that she’s already committed to Kyul. But her father falsified her signature to make her marriage to the other guy legal. Mary reluctantly agreed with it because his father will be charged with fraud.

On the other hand, Jung In only accepted the arranged marriage just to obey his father’s will and for the sake of his entertainment business as well. He set a 100 day deal with Mary and Moo Kyul to think things over and let Mary choose between him and the other guy.

Later on, they started to fall for each other (Moo Kyul -> Mary, Mary -> Moo Kyul, Jung In -> Mary), complicated indeed!

Personal View:

At first, the story is very complicated but as you go deeper with it, you will see how lovely and romantic it can be, especially with the love story of Mary and Moo Kyul. The guy has a very cold heart in the beginning but as he learned to love the girl, he suddenly changed to a loving and sweet guy.  A typical story yet romantic and funny in some way, this is what Marry Me Mary is all about.

This korean drama is a must watch and I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to it.

To download and watch the full episodes of Mary Me Marry, you can go here:

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