Thursday, October 4, 2012

Celebrity Spotlight: Lee Min Ho ♥

Lee Min Ho - one of the most popular Korean actor in Korea and internationally. Who wouldn't fall in love to such a handsome face. Even boys, admit that he's really good looking. He never fails to capture the heart of everyone who watch him. For me, he is one of those ridiculously handsome man, that I can't find any ugly pictures or angles of him. Everything seems so perfect in him. Join me and let's spazz on Lee Min Ho.

He started his acting career last 2005 appearing on a minor role in MBC's Love Hymn as a cook. He rarely appears on this drama. Here is a picture of him in the drama.

He then starred in EBS Secret Campus in 2006. Unlike in Love Hymn, somehow Min Ho was noticeable in this drama. Look at the poster of the show below.

In the year 2007, he got his first major role in the drama SBS's Mackerel Run where he played as Cha Gong Chan. This show is a high-school drama.

At the same year he was also starred in KBS2's drama I am Sam. But he was just a supporting actor in this high school drama. Can you spot Lee Min Ho below?

At 2008 he got another drama in MBC's I Don't Know Too. He was one of the main actor.

And his blooming career started in 2009. He was cast as the main lead actor in KBS2's Boys Over Flower as Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of F4. The drama was the Korean version of a famous manga Hana Yori Dango. The reaction of the viewers in the drama was overwhelming. Lee Min Ho attracted a lot of fan girls and became famous internationally because of this drama series.

His curly hair is his trademark in the drama.

After the drama, he got a lot of endorsements and advertisements. And the next year 2010, he filmed his new drama entitled, Personal Preference where his role as a main actor is to act gay. Although he looks unbelievably hot for a gay.

A scene where he was buying a napkin, while a lot of high school girls checks him out. Uh-oh!

After a year he filmed another hit drama called City Hunter. In this drama he portrays a different role from all of the drama he made. City Hunter is an action drama and he played the lead actor as well.

City hunter is someone who kills corrupt government officials. He doesn't look like a killer at all.

And for this year, he got another lead actor role for the drama Faith. His role is a warrior from the ancient time.

An extremely handsome warrior.

Here are some pictures that would definitely make you fall in love.

Still picture in his drama Personal Preference. FYI this is a stolen shot.

Who would look hot sleeping with mouth wide open? Only Min Ho can do it. He was tired shooting for his drama Faith and took a nap for a while. Poor Min Ho.

A picture that made girls scream their hearts out. A scene from Boys Over Flower.

A picture for one of his advertisement.

Even with this fierce look, Min Ho can make you feel giddy.

And a killer smile he got there.

And to finish it all, I give Lee Min Ho 10  because as I said there's no moment he looks ugly to me. 

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