Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Girls’ Generation kicked it off! With their new song “I Got a Boy” that will surely be a hit.  

Despite the rising of different Kpop genres, artists and style nowadays, GeeGee’s “I Got a Boy” may be one of the most influential releases in recent time.

The lyric tells about an inlove girl who’s got a boy, that is kind, handsome and a real heartthrob. The song begins kinda mellow and hip, followed by a rap ghetto style to electropop mixed with some sexy voices on the refrain, and to last longer than an ordinary songs. 

A mixed of different genres made the song so exciting to hear, waiting for what would be next. Listening to it gives you the goose bumps, up to its smashing ending and it leaves your soul being pumped up by the kpop music. Also in their MV, notice the cool and fresh styles over the girls, with their crazy hair color of blue, pink, red and green; their accessorized and colorful dresses, trousers, sweaters; and a really hip popart over the backdrop. 

Watch the music video

Great job Girls' Generation! Definitely, they made another big hit in the kpop music industry. 

You can listen to their songs here http://www.filebook.com.ph

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mrsgutierrez24 said...

I have always liked SNSD. =)