Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pure chocolate, as in Real 100%

The seven-member Korean boy group ‘100%’ is returning with something big and something hot!

The boy group debuted last September 2012 in their first single album ‘We, 100%’. Shinwa’s Andy Lee was their founder and was introduced last year to various shows alongside with rookie boy group Teen Top.

This year they are up with another album and a teaser was recently released. With less information about the teaser if it’s going to be a single, a full album or a digital single, fans are anticipating with a set date on May 23rd

Take a look at their image teasers below.

On the posters, it shows that a more mature and manly boy group is appearing and charming their fans with the six-pack chocolate abs they have. All of them seemed to have prepared very well for this teaser.

A statement said, the boys are coming with a more intense and sexy concept that will surprise fans through their moves, choreography and performances.

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