Saturday, August 10, 2013

2NE1’s home-style music video is topping at various charts

Since the release of the anticipated new song Do You LoveMe, 2NE1 has received massive responses from fans all over the world.

Now the song Do You Love Me has ranked at the number 1 spot on various music charts in Korea and number 1 also on over 9 countries on the iTunes charts. In Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and others, they are ranked in the top 10.

The music video also made much credit from the fans because they feel that these YG girls are also like ordinary people that wanna have fun. The home video style of filming was a concept many have done, but for 2NE1, it is a record.

"Do You Love Me" was created by producer Teddy along with DEE.P and Lydia of YG Entertainment.

Also, 2NE1 has made stage comebacks on various Music Shows like Music Bank and M! Countdown.


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