Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hangul: 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드

A popular high school rock group, Eye Candy, consisting of six members, dominated their school with their music. When, Dong Nae High School was force to shut down, entering Jungsang High, a more rigorous school, is another issue.

Lee Min-ki as Joo Byung-hee
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist
The original leader and soul of Eye Candy, Byung-hee is full of charisma and passion in his heart when it comes to music. He meets Im Soo-ah and finds inspiration in her.

Sung Joon as Kwon Ji-hyuk
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist
An abandoned child and raised by his grandparents, Ji-hyuk became an automatic leader of Eye Candy when the old leader Joo Byung-hee died. He keeps a secret love with Im Soo-ah.

Lee Hyun-jae as Jang Do-il
Position: Drummer
Living his private life hidden as a son of a mob boss, Do-il is the quiet, kind and charismatic guy among the group. He has a secret crush on Bang Woo-kyung.

Kim Myung-soo (L) as Lee Hyun-soo
Position: Guitarist
Know as the Ice Prince, Hyun-soo is short tempered and mean. However, he is the most caring brother to his younger sister.

Yoo Min-kyu as Kim Ha-jin
Position: Bassist
The playboy that only wants to meet lots of girls will have a one-sided love for Kim Ye Rim.

Kim Min-suk as Seo Kyung-jong
Position: Keyboard
Claiming that he joined the band just to earn money, Kyung-jong will discover true friendship within his bandmates.

Jo Bo-ah as Im Soo-ah
She is a daughter of a wealthy businessman who's gone bankrupt, that’s why they had to move to a cheaper place, neighboring Kwon Ji-hyuk. She is Byung-hee's muse and later will develop a relationship with Ji-hyuk.

The story deals with the lives of a six-member high school rock band. Their friendship, loyalty and passion for music will be put to the test. If you want to watch something fresh, spunky and deals more about the youth’s struggles in pursuing their dreams, well, this one is right for you. It really brings you back to your high school days.
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