Monday, January 7, 2013

Why you so love Korean Dramas?

When Korean wave hit Philippines in the year 2000s, it became viral to almost all ages. Whoever has a television would definitely plunge themselves in the couch and wait for their favorite Korean drama’s airing. Ratios of maybe 4 out of 5 persons, well most probably women, watch Korean dramas. But what is it really with Korean dramas that Filipinos most love about?

Is it because of these cute, oh-so-handsome, Korean guys that women adore?

Or is it the story and greatness of Korea’s very rich history?

How about the cute gals you just love to mimic with?

Maybe these kissing or romantic scenes that you can't just get over with?

Ahh! Maybe these almost perfect characters or what others call “dream guy” that do the extra ordinary just to have the girl they want?

Hmmm…what else do you think? Post comments or visit Filebook.


Mary said...

Love it alot. What's that drama with Siwon?

Anonymous said...

It´s OhMy Lady.
Really funny drama ^^