Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Men of A Gentleman's Dignity

The most romantic Korean drama to hit the nation and now popularly admired by many, A Gentleman's Dignity, is the story of four long time friends in their forties. With really different personas, likes and dislikes, still these handsome, charming and charismatic Korean guys even at their not so young age manages to capture the attention of the young generation. Take a peek on their characters:


Kim Do-jin is a known playboy that uses his spiteful tongue and almost perfect personality to steal women’s hearts. He’s belief is that all things can be explained and computed, even the feelings of a human being. Then he meets Seo Yi-soo, the woman he can’t get over with. But can a playboy like him give chance to true love?


Im Tae-san is the pure-minded macho man who is dating Hong Se-ra, Yi-soo’s roommate. Troubles arise when Yi-soo’s secret was revealed, which is she has a long time crush with Tae-san. Hmmm, it really looks trouble.


Choi Yoon is a lawyer who still can’t get over from his wife's death years ago. He is the most caring and probable thinks more mature than his friends. Tae-san’s younger sister, Im Meari, has been attracted to Yoon, but because of a large age gap and his friendship with Tae-san, he is willing to give it up even if he starts to have feelings for Meari.  


Lee Jung-rok is the artistic and the most popular among girls when they were still young. He then marries a bit older than him but extravagantly rich, Park Min-sook. Despite his married and prince-like life, he still flirts with other women, enjoys alcohol and treats himself as a young, wild and free guy. This will begin conflict with his wife as Jung-rok, involving his friends, deals the consequences.

Despite the topsy-turvy in their lives still in the end they will find true love, happiness and still keep their friendship to the very end. Better watch it guys and be careful not to fall for them. ^__^

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