Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Headbands make simple girls’ hair looking gorgeous, innocent and elegant. It can also make untidy hair look neat.

A clean and neat headband made them a lot cuter.
If you have bangs, wear the headband on the crown of the head to look natural.

Dream High

My Princess (2011)

Kim Tae Hee is ageless.

A Gentleman's Dignity Mae ri and Oppa Yoon ♥

A thick headband, like those of the 60's fashion trends, can hold hair firmly in place and make it look neat. 

I Got a Boy by SNSD (Sooyoung)

I Got a Boy by SNSD (Seohyun)

A tidy beaded, elegant headband, fits them most.

Bae Suzy (Dream High)

Seohyun (SNSD)

Don't forget those cute ribbon and extra-ordinary headbands.

Oppa Jae Joong, why are you here?

Oh! Even the boys???

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