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Fall in Love this February - Korean Love Story Movies

Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-hyun), a goof-off, romance seeking college student, who then meets a drunk girl (Jun Ji-hyun) on a subway station. Their fate then starts to intertwine slowly at the pace of the movie.

Girl: I just wasted my time on stupid thoughts.
Elder: Like what?
Girl: If we we're destined to meet, I thought we'd meet by chance somewhere.
Elder: Know what fate is? Building a bridge of chance for someone you love.

Based on a true story posted on the internet in a series of blog posts written by Kim Ho-sik, which was later adapted into a novel. Watch the full movie here.

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The movie started with these heart-punching words from Chul Soo (Jung Woo-sung) . . .
“When a memory is gone, so is the soul, they say.”

Su Jin (Son Ye-jin) and Chul Soo fell in love despite their social standings and family backgrounds. Chul Soo lived life alone until he met Su Jin. But is this really a happy ever after for them, when Su Jin got diagnosed by a disease that erases her memory?

Su-jin: Can you live without me?
Cheol-su: If we live together... Can we die together, too? You come and go alone. That's life.

Fall in love with them and download here.

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The Classic (2003)

It’s a story of four individuals on different times. When a love from before was not fulfilled, could it be possible in the present?

Ji-hye (Son Ye Jin) found letters and a diary of her mother’s love story. As it continues, it started to flashback to time when Joo-hee (Ji-hye’s mother) fell in love with Joon-ha (Jo Seung-woo). One day after they got stranded across the countryside, Joo-hee leaves a necklace to Joon-ha, which he keeps close as a precious reminder of their time together, and they got separated. Later in time, they met again and decided to move on each other’s lives. That’s how Joo-hee’s love story ended, but to her daughter Ji-hye, it’s another chapter of life.

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A Millionaires First Love (2006)

"Nothing is more important than the true love of your heart."

Kang Jae-kyung (Hyun Bin) is your typical rich kid, arrogant and loves to goof around with his credit cards and sport car at hand. But to inherit all of these from his grandfather, he has to be far from his comfort zone, transfer to a school in Gangwon Province and graduate or else, live his life getting only 0.1% of his over-all inheritance. There Jae-kyung meets, Choi Eun-whan (LeeYeon-hee) and together, Jae-kyung will learn that there things money really can’t buy.

You’ll definitely cry on this.

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My Girl and I (2005)

The story of true love and happiness is a about Bae Su-eun (Song HyeKyo), the prettiest girl in school and Kim Su Ho (Cha Tae-hyun), the sometimes bullied, slow-minded boy.

Beginning a sweet and light friendship, Su Ho and Su-eun love the company of each other. When the other students in their school noticed their closeness, they immediately assumed that the two were dating. Word spread fast within the school many held rage against Su Ho.

"Why would the prettiest girl on campus like you?"

"They say everyone has their own destiny. I want you to be my destiny."

As they developed a special friendship and concern with each other, soon Su Ho will learn a tragic truth about the girl he loves.

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