Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ha Ji Won now stars in an Upcoming Drama Series “Empress Ki”

Recently, teaser posters have been revealed showing Ha Ji Won and other cast members in their characters.

In the first poster above, Ha Ji Won is looking elegant wearing a colorful traditional Korean dress and on the second image, still wearing vibrant robes, a tension of a love triangle is seen.

Ha Ji Won and co-stars Ji Chang Wook and Joo Jin Mo will be in another Goryeo era as they portray mature roles. The other cast of the upcoming drama “Empress Ki” also includes Baek Jin Hee, Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Moon Shik, Kim Young Ho, Jung Woong In, Kwon Oh Joong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jin Yi Han and Yoon Ah Jung.

Finally, stills of Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are released as they are having a lovely moonlight date.

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