Wednesday, March 20, 2013

G-Dragon talks on marrying

The TV show “Thank You” by SBS Korea, G-Dragon’s other side is revealed. It was also in the show where G-Dragon cooked a meal called “Jjapguri” – a mixture of “Jjapaghetti” and “Neoguri”.

The March 15 airing of "Thank You" show, where GD showed his culinary skills.

The show went a trip to Jeju island together with other celebrities, Kang Soo Jin, Kim Mi Hwa and Cha In Pyo. There, G-Dragon was asked questions about dating and marriage.

 “I want to get married as soon as possible. (If I had somebody to marry) I would even marry that person tomorrow.”

 “I heard that when you meet the person you are supposed to marry, you know in an instant, is that true?” These are G-Dragon’s statements.

Is G-Dragon really in for settling down? And who could the lucky girl be?

G-Dragon also asked Cha In Pyo what it was like to marry someone who is working in the same industry. These could be intriguing questions coming from G-Dragon.

The new variety show was newly launched which garnered high ratings over viewers. In the show, celebrities are taken to a serene place and they get to bond with the other celebrity host and share life stories that will surely warm our hearts.

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