Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The boys are now going world tour and Philippines is one of their itinerary.  The MUSIC BOYS LIVE IN ABSOLUTE QUALITY that also features XCITE and TWO X.
To be held on March 31st at 5 in the afternoon in the Aliw Theater.

MBLAQ Thunder‘s video greeting to their Filipino fans was followed by their maknae, Mir, who also invited everyone to their upcoming concert.

The boys that also made an impact in the music industry is now taking the world with their songs and charms. After their debut in 2009, MBLAQ members have grown better with their albums and TV appearances, also, not to mention their inborn talents in singing and dancing.  

Their latest album that was just released show off their masculinity charms and they sleek dance moves, the MBLAQ 4th mini album “100% Ver” with the title track “It’s War”.

Don’t miss it Filipino fans and welcome MBLAQ with a big bang.

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