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Rooftop Prince: A brief summary

Their "elevator scene" is a nice drama poster.
Been hooked by the cuteness and adorableness of Prince Lee Gak and Park Ha? are just one of the millions of fans all over the world that got themselves captivated by the hit Korean TV series Rooftop Prince.
A picture perfect of them. ^_^ 
Prince Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun)
He was the righteous heir of the King in the Joseon era and was arranged to marry Bu Yong, a daughter of a magistrate in the palace. But, Bu Yong’s evil sister, Hwa Yong, planned a plot to ruin the arrangement. So the night before young Bu Yong and the young prince got the meet the next day, Hwa Yong managed to tear down Bu Yong’s dream of becoming the princess by burning her face, which she showed to be an accident. Because of embarrassment with Bu Yong’s face now, they made Hwa Yong met the crowned prince instead. Years later, Prince Lee Gak and Hwa Yong got married and Bu Yong was just always on the back watching them.

Poor Prince, he loved the princess but he was only deceived.

 Until one night, a tragic event happened. The beloved Princess was found dead in the river and the Prince was devastated urged him to find the real culprit. They planned to journey out of the palace, along with his three royal guards, namely, Do Chi-san (Choi Woo-sik), Song Man-bo (Lee Min-ho) and Woo Yong-sul (Jeong Seok-won). And in the bright sky, the moon appeared and a magical power brought them in the 21st century. What??? 21st century???

Park Ha (Ha Ji Min)
The ever adorable, innocent and diligent Park Ha, who was living in the rooftop will meet her fate with Prince Lee Gak and his three escorts. Yes, the five will meet in a very unexpected and disastrous way. Park Ha came from the states after she studied and worked there. Her step-mother is a fish vendor and her step-sister, Hong Se-na, is a secretary in the huge Home and Shopping Company. All that Park Ha could remember is that when her father died and all she got left now is her step-mom and her step-sister.

As the story goes, Prince Lee Gak and the trio will learn the ways of living in the 21st century. Against their will, they have to cut their hair, eat and wear like others do and pretend to be somebody. Prince Lee Gak was actually reincarnated as Yong Tae-yong, the heiress of the huge Home and Shopping Company. But Yong Tae-yong went missing after he has gone in America with Yong Tae-mu, his cousin.
Hong Se-na was also the reincarnation of Hwa-yong and Lee Gak found out that she is not that of a good person and the mysteries goes on.

Prince Lee Gak or what others believed to be the found Tae-yong must solve these mysteries that are happening within the present time and the things that happened with her beloved princess.
Questions came popping out from Prince Lee Gak’s judicious mind. Why did they stumble over Park Ha? If the princess was reincarnated with Se-na, why is she that mean? If in the past, Hwa Yong and Bu Yong were real sisters, why in the present they are only step-sisters? Why did Tae-yong went missing and what would be Tae-mu’s plan?

Haha! All these questions have answers. In the end, all the events that happened were connected in the past and in the present. 
Nobody will forget this.
From being RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE rangers, they all came out like this. Waaah! 
I think they forgot something. hehe~
Who would thought, an elevator is a rest room? ~ the ever intelligent Man Bo. kkkk!
Handsome guys! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Cool guys!
Later on the drama, Park Ha will discover the truth about her real mother, about Se-na and her true feelings with Prince Lee Gak. Despite the drama, suspense and mysteries, it was merged with their funny antics. Specially the three consort of the prince where they showed so much innocence and true-hearts within every character in the drama.
Taken when Micky was absent in the setting. Witty acts! Haha!
Also, the ending is so epic. “What took you so long?” and Park Ha answered, “I have always been here.” And they both had a happy ending. What a sweet moment that will make you in tears. Haha. T_T

With the success of the drama, it garnered high ratings, multitude positive feed backs and lots of fans all over the world. Watch them again and laugh, cry and fall in love with the story of the Rooftop Prince.

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