Monday, October 21, 2013

Bae Suzy and BoA reached over 2 million followers on Twitter!

Last year, Miss A’s Suzy became the first female K-pop idol to reach 1 million followers in Twitter but now she broke her own record to be the first idol to reach 2 million!

Since Suzy entered the Twitter madness in 2010, fans all over have been excited to follow her and when she flourished from a group member to a notable actress, more and more people wanted to be part of her everyday updates.

But wait, fans are screaming it’s not the record. In a fun article released last September, singer BoA already reached a 2-million-follower. So how is this going to happen?

Some comments reasoned out, categorizing BoA as an artist while Suzy as an idol. Since BoA is somewhat a veteran in the entertainment industry as she debuted way back in 2000 and even referred to as The Queen of Korean Pop.

Whatever it is, BoA and Suzy are only thankful for the support and love they’re getting from their fans and all they wanted is a harmonious unity between fans.


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