Saturday, October 5, 2013

Which “The Inheritors” drama stills you like?


In the photo, Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) fights skillfully with an American guy, protecting Cha Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hye).

The scene is filmed in front of a restaurant at Huntington Beach, Los Angeles. The production team specially chose the foreign location showing grandeur and luxurious life of the rich. Cha Eun Sang on the other hand is a low class citizen. She is the daughter of the Empire Group’s housekeeper.

It was Lee Min Ho’s first action scene which he carefully rehearsed, which also means there will be more amazing scenes from the actor.

The production said, “Lee Min Ho put on a great performance, and he’s always trying his best. He also often encourages everyone at the film set, so please show your support for him.”


Let’s compare with this other scene from the drama.

Park Shin Hye is now with co-actor Kang Min Hyuk as they are having a sweet date, also, in the streets of Los Angeles. Kang Min Hyuk plays as Yoon Chan Young, the warm-hearted son of the Empire Group’s secretary. He is Cha Eun Sang’s bestfriend and has feelings for Kim Tan’s ex-girlfriend.  

The ‘lollipop date’ of Park Shin-Hye and Gang Min-Hyuk were shot at the City Work, the shopping town in LA. Both rehearsed carefully and made a perfect shot for their scene. The production are happy with the chemistry of the two as they bring smiles to the whole set, they also called the pair as the ‘Lollipop Couple’.


How about this still?

Actor Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye had their first scene together where it is also Cha Eun Sung and Choi Young-do’s first meeting, in front of a convenience store.

Choi Young-do is the heir of a luxury resort where he uses his wits to put down people around him. In the scene, Cha Eun Sung is napping in the table as Choi Young-do watches her earnestly. A love triangle between Cha Eun Sung, Kim Tan and Choi Young-do will be the highlight of the drama.

Kim Woo Bin stated, “I’m enjoying living the life of Choi Young-do. I’ll do my best even in the future to show a good image.”

The production company praised the two actors for naturally transitioning into the story and becoming their characters. The drama will make its debut on October 9th.

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