Thursday, August 16, 2012

SiHae Event Is Over But The SiHae Fever Is Still Rising!

The event is finally over, Siwon and Donghae is already back in South Korea to where they truly belong but the Kpop Sihae fever still continues. Filipinos are still having some hang over from the event that was held in Trinoma last day. Lucky for those people who got the chance to meet and greet with them, and pity for those who are dying to see them, but they missed it.

Anyway, for those SiHae/Philippine Elf addicts who are unable to attend in Trinoma for some reasons, here are some photos of the event. These pictures say it all. 

Jam-packed crowd
Indeed they are well loved by Filipino
See these people?
Donghae is so adorable
How handsome Siwon can be?
They look so happy :)
Singing or Thanking the fans?
They are so cute
What are they looking at? hmmm...
Donghae sing a song for their fans
A sweet smile from Donghae
Who is the most handsome?
The Super Duo!
Waving goodbye to their Filipino fans
As they bids their final goodbye the Super Duo (Donghae and Siwon) promise their Filipino followers that they will soon come back again and this time they will bring their co Super Junior members. Another event to look forward to by their Filipino fans. We should be preparing for that day again, I supposed. :)

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