Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Kpop Invasion: Why Filipinos Are Fond of Kpop?

There is no doubt, Kpop fever is all over the Philippines. With its consistent sales of Kpop albums and concert tickets, Filipinos is definitely invaded by Korean culture.   

From young to young-at heart, every Filipino was hooked by Korean drama series and the heart pumping beat of K-pop music and they are proud of it.

But, some people are still puzzled and condemning this phenomenal genre. They will always ask question such as “How can you love something you don’t even comprehend?” or “Aren’t they weird?” or something like that.

But the real question here is, why most Filipinos love k-pop even they can’t understand it? For a simple answer, they love it because it sounds good, because Korean TV series captured their hearts. In addition to that, here are some reasons, Filipinos have clinched this culture.

Entertainment in its Finest!

Entertainment means to entertain and this is what Korean pop genre is doing. They are presenting a new horizon of entertainment themes enclosed in their dramas and music to the public. It made a great impact not only in the Philippine market but also overseas (top spot on iTunes and Billboard charts).  

We have similar customs and traditions.

We are not only neighbors with South Korea, we also have customs and traditions resemblance. We have high appreciation and respect to our elders, and so they are. We use “po” and “opo” to show respect to those people who are superior/older to us, while Korean’s use “sunbae” and “nim”, which is the counterpart of it. Come to think of this, if we can appreciate Western entertainment, isn’t it easier for us to adapt to Korean entertainment as well?

We deal with the same feelings.

Korean drama series and songs always deal with feelings (love, pain, hurt, hope, and change). As a human being, we easily embraced their genre because we can relate to it, a lot. We are very positive in every way and we always want to see a series or hear a music that will make us thrill or bring “kilig” to us and we are a sucker for a happy ending, it is not suprising that many Filipinos patronize kpop even we can’t understand any single word from it. Thanks to the power of the internet, we can easily figure out what the lyrics mean (English and even Filipino translations are all over the internet).

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