Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PSY Meets JB (Justin Bieber) For A Possible Collaboration?

A possible collaboration are waiting for PSY, a South Korean Kpop singer whose new single “Gangnam Sytle” has gone viral in the internet world and the youtube sensation Baby Baby Oh, Justin Bieber.

Based from the rumors, PSY will meet Justin Bieber’s handler Scooter Braun to discuss possible collaboration of the two youtube stars.

PSY’s horsey dance video became a viral hit on youtube, garnering over 46 million views and counting (as of today), more than Justin can do. Hollywood singers like Robbie Williams, Josh Groban and even T-Pain have showed their full support for the said video vial the social media world.

Can you imagine Justin doing the horsey bop, Gangnam Style and PSY doing his hit single Baby Baby? If this project will come to life, it can literally blow not only the internet world but the Hollywood and Kpop world as well.

Are you excited with this collaboration? I’m pretty sure you are.

To download PSY’s viral hit single “Gangnam Style” from his newly released album PSY6, visit

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