Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kpop News: Choi Siwon Will Be Back To Rock Your TV Screen Again!

Good News to all Kpop Elf followers.  Choi Siwon will return to small screen again!  Isn’t it great?

After his successful Korean drama series, Spring Waltz, Athena: Goddess of War, Oh My Lady, Poseidon and many more, Siwon will be back to make you fall in love with him again.  According to some broadcast officials, Choi was cast in SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series entitled “Lord of the Dramas” (still working on this title), which is planning to air this coming November. He will play the role of a famous Hallyu Star, Kang Min.

A representative from SM Entertainment quoted:

“Choi was offered to appear in the series and we are currently considering it positively”.


This comedic series revolves around these three characters; Kang Min (Choi Siwon), an arrogant and self-centered Hallyu celebrity, a president of a production company (Kim Myung Min)  whose only concerned is to earn money, and a writer (Jung Ryeo Won is considered to play this role).

Because he only cares about money, the President will try to cast Kang Min to be the lead role of the drama series that he will produce. However, the writer of it thought that the series must contain human love and the trouble follows after that. 

I’m pretty sure that this will be another sure fire korean tv series hit for Siwon.

Source: StarNews

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