Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rise Of Kpop Fashion Trend

It seems anything Kpop is in these past few years. From Korean drama series to Korean stars and kpop groups, there is no doubt that Filipinos already embraced Korean wave with open arms.

Not to be vanquished is the Korean fashion. Filipinos are exposed to Korea’s hip and trendy dresses and style because many have been inspired by the stylish and funky appearance of Korean pop stars. They want to feel and look like them, and simply following the current trend, no more, no less. Indeed, they definitely took the Philippine fashion scene by storm. Here are some looks from several Kpop artists.

 Korean Wear

Big Bang
Wonder Girls
Super Junior
Korean Hairstyle

The Only Downfall

We can easily adapt to our changing environment, that’s one quality of a Filipino that we should really be proud of. However, there are still people who can’t accept this change and worst they are condemning other Filipinos who wants to look like their Kpop idols (from wearing dresses to their hairstyle). Let’s face it; we as a human are very unique in every way (syle, the way we act, our attitude and so forth) and we have the free will to choose what we want to be or what clothes we want to wear. Respect really matters. If they want to be like their idols, then let them be. Anyway, this is a free country. We can be whatever we want to be, right?

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Arsene Grand said...

i agree now asia has its own fashion styles...thanks to these kpop stars.i really loved those womens flat shoes that they wore one time..

filebookph said...

Indeed Arsene, Filipinos maybe imitating such trends but still it's in each individual how they will carry themselves or respect themselves. As long as respect is there, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Yeah, those flat shoes really did some tricks. Whether they wear it simply or add some accents to it, still those flat shoes can go anywhere.