Friday, August 31, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens and Vice Ganda Certified Gangnam Stylers!

Vanessa Hudgens and Vice Ganda are the latest celebrities to get hooked with the latest kpop dance craze.

From foreign to local celebrities, undoubtedly PSY made them dance and groove to his viral MV hit “Gangnam Style”.

And as an addition to what we called “dancing with the stars” to the tune of Gangnam Style, Vanessa Hudgens and the Philippines top comedian Vice Ganda are the current stars who do the style, the Gangnam Style.  

Hudgen’s posted the viral MV plus PSY picture alongside a little kid on her official blog site last August 28, 2012 with a caption that says:  

“I am amazingly obsessed. GANGNAM STYLE!!!! Yeahhhha”

Vanessa Hudgens Official Blog Site:

Yes, you read it right! She is extremely obsessed to it.

Meanwhile, Vice Ganda is caught dancing the famous “horse dance” on his daily noontime show. Check out the video below: (Credits to MuymoyPlayboy)

No wonder. J

Furthermore, the Gangnam Style craze has also invaded the Dodger Stadium.  Fans got the chance to dance with the man behind this sensational song, PSY by taking part in a Dance Cam Segment.

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