Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback Friday: Meet Korea’s Madonna, Ms. Glamorous and more

In the 2000's, these five women are the hottest of their time. Meet Korea’s Madonna, Ms. Glamorous, The Sexy Dancer, Ms. Perfect S-Line and Dangerously Sexy.

Uhm Jung Hwa (Korea’s Madonna) which is now 44 is one of the most influential Korean female artists in her time and many adore her as their role model.

Kim Hye-soo (Ms. Glamorous) is also one of the renowned actresses that garnered many awards and great acting recognition. She is now 43.

Jun Ji-hyun (Sexy Dancer), that will be 31 this October, is the girl that made a hit when she played as the girl in the 2001 highest grossing movie “My Sassy Girl”.

Lee Hyori (Perfect S-Line) which is already 34 and was recently married to her boyfriend. She was one of the best singer and performer of her time, winning several awards as “Artist of the Year” that made her the highest-paid female solo artist.

Chae Yeon (Dangerously Sexy), who is also turning 34 this year, is the Korean pop singer that rose to fame with her hit single Two of Us in 2004 and her famous sexy wave dance style. 

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