Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Host Movie Review: Another Thrilling Korean Movie of All Time

For the movie enthusiast who loves sci-fi and monster films, here is a Korean movie that conforms to your demands. Winning awards and received nominations not just locally but also international screenings and positive responses, this Korean monster film will surely make you crave to watch.


Dumping hazardous chemicals down to the Han River, years ago, had an ugly effect. A mutation, caused by the chemical, created a strange creature lurking in the Han River.

Park Gang-du, is a slow-witted man living with his father; his sister, a national medalist archer; his alcoholic brother, and his only daughter, Hyun-seo. On a normal day, Park Gang-du runs a snack-bar near the Han River, but no one knew it was the beginning of a chaos. When Hyun-seo, arrived from school that day, the monster came out of the river and runs wildly devouring innocent people and hurting many! And his daughter was taken and brought back to the river.

During a mass funeral for the victims, Gang-du and his family thinks that Hyun-seo is dead but to his surprise, he receives a phone call from Hyun-seo, who fortunately survives but trap in the sewer.

They try to ask for help with the Government representatives but they got nothing and so Gang-du together with his family, bravely went off to search for Hyun-seo relying only in their own strength. Not long after, the government finds a chemical that could kill the beast, the Agent Yellow, and made a trap to capture and eradicate it. Can they survive this dilemma? 


Another korean drama, action-packed film that is definitely a must watch. 

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