Friday, August 2, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong in the music video “Your Story”

Before Kim Hyun Joong enlists to the military, here is the music video of his latest song Your Story.

Kim Hyun Joong didn’t disappoint his fans in his sexy and hot music video. Showing more of his top body, the talented 27-year old actor and singer sings his heart out with the beach background and rushing waves.

While on another part, Kim Hyun Joong is in a hot bed scene with a super hot lady too. The beginning of the video, the girl was walking away, while Kim Hyun Joong watch her sadly, but later on the song, the memories or maybe makeup moments are seen.

Packed with amazing cinematography, Kim Hyun Joong’s song “YourStory” is just another track from his 3rd mini-album Round 3.


The song “Your Story” had an original title “Gentleman”. Kim Hyun Joong explained he was able to write the song and made up the title a year ago. So, when Psy’s viral song “Gentleman” was first released than his mini-album, he changed the title instead.

Kim Hyun Joong said, "The title song 'Your Story' was born, it worked out for the better since it is a better song".


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