Friday, April 5, 2013

The only zombie that you will love <3

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult, the guy who played as ‘R’ in the 2013 romantic-comedy and a bit of thrill movie, WarmBodies.

He started his debut in the 1996 movie “Intimate Relations” at a very young age and later in 2002, Hoult made a success in the movie “About a Boy” with the Golden Globe Award winner Hugh Grant (Notting Hill, Cloud Atlas, Love Actually).

Winning awards and gaining nominations on various movies and TV series for being in lead roles, Hoult became one of the main casts in the movie X-Men:First Class as Hank McCoy or the well known “Beast”.

Now, the zombie that you will surely fall in love with, Hoult played the main character as “R”, the zombie that fell in love with a resistant girl Julie and miraculously healed himself and his fellow zombies.

A romantic film you will surely love to watch! Filled with action, humor and a whole lot of love! Watch the full movie here.

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Enjoy guys!  

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