Friday, April 12, 2013

Cha Seung-won, through the years

Cha Seung-won started his career as a fashion model in 1988 and later emerged in the TV sitcom New York Story. He later appeared on different movies but didn’t make a break yet on the entertainment industry. But in 2000, he attracted audience in his role as a dangerous man trying to take lives through fire in the action-thriller Libera Me, which also furnished him more in his talent as an actor.


It was then followed by the success of the action packed comedy film Kick the Moon which sold millions of tickets.


In early 2003, Cha took on a lead role in the movie My Teacher, Mr. Kim , as a corrupt school teacher who is transferred to a country school where he learns the most important lesson in life.


Another is the movie Ghost House, reunited him with director Kim Sang-jin is a successful romantic comedy movie about a man who buys a dream home, only to discover it is haunted by a young female ghost.

He also starred in his first melodrama Over the Border, about a North Korean defector, followed by the crime thriller movies Eye for an Eye and Secret.

In 2010, he becomes a nemesis of a former comrade in the film Blades of Blood and as an antagonist in the Korean war film 71: Into the Fire, where he acted with actors like Kwon Sang Woo, TOP and Kim Seung-woo.

With his return to the drama series in his tandem with Kim Soon Ah in the drama City Hall, Cha gained more fans and project as he also made Athena: Goddess of War.


Again in 2011, he came back as the arrogant hallyu star “Dokko Jin” in the drama series The Greatest Love with actress Gong Hyo-jin.

In 2012, Cha plays in a new stage drama where he acted with some Japanese actors. Gaining more awards, endorsements and projects, Cha Seung-won is now 42 years old and happily living with wife, daughter Rachel and son Noah.

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