Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Psy on his latest single 'Gentleman'

A staggering 100 million views and counting up to date, which is probably the most watched video in Youtube. Psy's Gentleman is now topping on almost every country on all music charts.

The latest single from Psy entitled "Gentleman" is a more upbeat kinda dubstep song mixed with some English language and a more aphrodisiacal approach.

Many reacted positively and of course some negatively. But to Psy fans and others who loved the song, it is a sure hit.

In it's music video which was just released last week, it shows of a man doing some childish behavior towards women. But he then meets a sexy lady (Brown Eyed Girl's Ga In) that conforms to his acts. Again like his previous song "Gangnam Style" a crowd will dance with the synchronized steps.

The lyrics of the song (as translated in English) may be denoting some bad words or intimacy, like in the chorus, "...mother, father, gentleman" which could have a double explicit meaning like "...mother f***** gentleman".

Watch the video to know.

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