Monday, April 15, 2013

The original “Gwiyomi”

As the popular song widely spread all over the world, there has been no official song, music video or artist for it.

Gwiyomi or Kiyomi is a Korean word which in English refers to something cute or a cute person. The lyrics went as “1 plus 1 equals gwiyomi, 2 plus 2 equals gwiyomi and so on and so forth.

Originally the “Gwiyomi Song” is a single from a Kpop singer Hari which was released last February 2013. It is a digital single way back in 2012 and the first maker of a youtube video is the Kpop group member Jung Il Hoon of BToB, who in his video made the creative and cute hand gestures we know today. 

The “Gwiyomi Player” which became an internet meme in 2012 and now a viral video of different individuals doing the song. Including the famous Vice Ganda of the the noon time show "It's Showtime" and famous Thai actress Nuengthida Sophon of "Hello Stranger"

Countries like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong have rated the “Gwiyomi Song” as a trending topic and song of 2013 that could have surpassed the single “Gangnam Style” of also Korean rapper Psy.

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