Friday, April 26, 2013

The Charade ~ Kpop Parodies

Let’s go a little bit light here and watch the parodies you’re kpop boy group has made. Is it really them or just following the director’s orders?

No matter what they do, you just can’t stop laughing at their funny antics. But who is really your bets in parody acting? Take a pick and post your comments!

#1 - Big Bang's "Secret Garden" parody, the "Secret Big Bang"

#2 - Big Bang's "Coffee Prince" parody, the "Coffee Bangs Five"

#3 - Big Bang's parody of the popular "Boys Over Flowers"

#4 - Big Bang's "Beethoven Virus" parody, the "The Big Bang Virus"

#5 - SHINee's "Beethoven Virus" parody, the "SHINee Virus"

#6 - SHINee's parody of the "Harry Potter"

#7 - SHINee in "School of Rock" Parody

#8 - 2PM's parody of the "Cinderella's Sister"

#9 - 2PM's parody of the heart wrenching drama "The Moon that Embraces the Sun"

#10 - 2PM's parody of  "You're Beautiful"

#11 - Super Junior's version of  "Coffee Prince"

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