Monday, June 17, 2013

D-Lite’s “I Love You”

Big Bang’s Kang Daesung has been very busy with solo events and currently his D-Lite D′scover Tour 2013 in Japan. Now that he’s doing solo, an upcoming album is sure to watch out.

By the end of July, Daesung’s remake of the famous Japanese song by Yutaka Ozaki ‘I Love You’ will be released. In the song, internationally renowend Japanese violinist, Taro Hakase, will give that more eerie music.

D-Lite (Daesung) is accumulating fans all over Japan. His voice, his performance, his qualities just makes of a perfect idol. Daesung’s version of the song ‘I love You’ has been chosen as the theme song for a Japanese drama that will also be airing in July.

Daesung felt pressured about having the opportunity to remake a dearly loved song including him. I personally love that song too.

“I′m honored I′ll be collaborating with Taro Hakase. We′ll be releasing an entirely new version of I Love You, with the harmony of my voice and Hakase′s violin” Daesung also stated.

Big Bang will also be touring all over Japan’s six domes this November.

What do you think of Daesung’s version and the original one? Post your comments below!


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