Wednesday, June 19, 2013

G-Dragon’s latest revelation

The Big Bang leader G-dragon revealed some facts on personal life and taste.

Like the lyrics in his song “One of a Kind” which is “wild and young”, G-dragon lives up the words. Living free and happy is what satisfies him the most.

He revealed that even if we see him with the glamour and fame, he is still like any other human. When he is tired and stressed, G-dragon likes to hang out with friends. He also said that, "Even when I become a grandfather, I will go around wearing bright red outfits. Whenever I meet my friends, I will talk about everything from women to life, even about the drama I saw yesterday. Once I start talking, I keep the conversation going."

Wow! That is one cool grandpa if you ever get to him. Kkk~

Lastly, G-dragon also revealed that he is attracted to women with good sense. "I like a woman who just has good sense of things, even when she says just one thing or wears a certain piece of clothing. If she is pretty as well, I think I will really like her." Well, now that we know, maybe girls should prepare whenever they meet their idol.

Let’s look at some G-dragon styles~ 


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