Thursday, June 27, 2013

G-Dragon’s latest solo album on his birthday

G-Dragon’s first solo album was released on his 20th birthday last 2009. His latest solo album will also be released on his birthday this year, as YG Entertainment posted on their YG-LIFE blog.

“Just like his first album, G-Dragon will be involved in the entire making of his second album including writing the lyrics, composing the music, and producing the album. 10 songs will be included in the album. Rather than have several foreign artists to do featuring in the album, we decided to just one legendary foreign artist instead. There were many male rappers on our shortlist, but we wanted a female rapper. In the end, the answer was clear, and that person was Missy Elliot.” YG's post YG-LIFE blog.

Another music genre will be revealed to the fans, as they planned to mix a Korean traditional folk song to G-Dragon’s music and Missy Elliot’s rap.

What do you think will be the outcome of G-Dragon’s new album?

Moreover, while YG is preparing for it, they also announced another solo album for Big Bang’s charismatic singer, Taeyang.


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