Monday, June 24, 2013

The Queen’s Classroom


Introducing the latest drama airing on MBC channel “TheQueen’s Classroom” has also SHINee’s music video of the drama, where the casts danced adorably.

“The Queen’s Classroom” is another dramatic Korean series with renowned actress Go Hyun-Jung (Korean series, Dae Mul), as the cold-hearted teacher, Ma Yeo-Jin that teaches a really strict perspective towards her students.

But as grade school students, they find it hard to understand and teacher Ma Yeo-Jin comes head to head with one of the students, Sim Ha-Na played by Kim Hyang-Gi (2010, Wedding Dress).

An adaptation from the 2005 Japanese drama “Great Teacher Onizuka”, the drama depicts the struggles, conflicts, ups and downs and realization that inside the school is no less different from the real world.

Take a look at SHINee’s music video with the drama teaser of “The Queen’s Classroom”


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