Thursday, June 6, 2013

Did you know?

Psy's Guinness World Record

Psy performs on the White House’s annual Christmas 
in Washington holiday concert

Yesterday, Korea Record Institute announced that the 'LargestGangnam Style Dance' that was held in Seoul with over 100, 000 participants and Psy himself, was admitted to the England's Guinness Records.

Thus, Psy received another Guinness World Record title as 'Largest Gangnam Style Dance'. The achievement was said to be more meaningful because of the thousands of Seoul citizens that are included in the record.

It has made known that Psy's Gangnam Style song with the funky horse dance has reached popularity world wide for a period of time. With over billion views on Youtube, different concerts world wide, Super Bowl commercial and even performing and meeting the US President Obama.

"Now that the title was decided, we will be submitting required video, photo, and confirmation document to receive the official Guinness World Records certificate," the Korea Record Institute stated.


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