Thursday, June 27, 2013

Have you seen Psy’s best impersonator?

During the Cannes International Film Festival's VIP Party, a fake Psy suddenly boost an atmosphere, accompanied with his body guards in full suit. The famous singer/rapper has had many guest invitations around the globe and so the Cannes International Film Festival may not be an exception.

But many where shocked and amazed, well hope nobody got furious, on how the 34 year old Denis Carre impersonated Psy during the event. 

He got the same hair style, body size, height, dress code and even his actions and gestures were Psy-like. 

He was able to take photos with Hollywood celebrities without them even noticing it was a fake one. 

He parted with them at the Carlton Hotel VIP Room and Martinez Beach even teaching some with the famous ‘horse dance’ Gangnam Style.

Denis Carre is from a small town of Blanzat, France. He is Korean born and was adopted and brought to France. And he is undoubtedly a Psy fanatic.


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