Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Get to Know Korean Couples with Age Gaps

32 year old actress So Yu-jin was married to her husband who is 15 years her senior. She also revealed on a show that her parents too had a 30 years age gap.


Lee Eun-ji,  Ahn Nai Young and Sung Mi Hyun of SWI.T
YG Entertainment President Yang Hyun Suk was married last 2010 to his long time girlfriend Lee Eun-ji with the age difference of 12 years. Singer Lee Eun-ji was a member of a girl group named Swi.t and the younger sister of Lee Jae-jin, a band member of the famous boy band in the 1990’s, Sechs Kies.


Singer and composer Joo Young-hoon  and Lee Yoon-mi exchanged vows last October 2006. They have an age gap of 12 years. When they met on a variety show in 2004, the two started dating then.


Actor Lee Beom-soo (Iris 2 and Giant) and Lee Yun-jin met as a student and teacher, where Lee Yun-jin is an English tutor. Their age gap is 13 years.


Lee Ju-no had his love story a happy ending when he met disapproval from her bride’s parents yet still fought for his love. Lee Ju-no is a member of the South Korean boy band Seo Taiji and Boys along with Yang Hyun Suk and leader Seo Taiji, which was the first modern highly successful band in their time. The singer and actors’ wife Park Miri is 23 years his junior.

Indeed, age is a number only given to a person. All happiness and abundance are the wishes of the people around them.


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