Thursday, September 12, 2013

“The Heirs” to “The Inheritors”

They changed the title?

From The Heirs comes The Inheritors. It is said that SBS used it as a title for a promotional venue so they came up with the change.

Below are stills of the much anticipated drama this year.

Park Shin Hye who plays as Cha Eun Sang appeared in dishwasher attire where she still looks gorgeous.

The writer built up Kim Tan’s character (played by Lee Min Ho) as the ever perfect human being in the drama. Surely, when he was that stubborn yet caring Gu Jun Pyo before was well loved by many fans, then this character of him as Kim Tan surely will make their hearts melt again.

In the drama Kim Tan is the heir of an Empire conglomerate and one of the top richest men. For a spice, Kim Tan searches for happiness despite his status and a tragic past haunts him too! Exciting!

Below is a still where Kim Tan meets Cha Eun Sang for the first time. The rich kid Kim Tan is seen standing in his luxurious car.

Kim Woo-bin plays as Choi Young-Do who we see is washing dishes too? ^_^

The Inheritors’ casts are currently filming in California and the drama airs October 9.


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