Monday, September 30, 2013

The BFFs behind the small screen

Little did we know but in the drama world, these actresses were friends ever since. Having lots of friends in the industry is overwhelming, but having one, yet, true friend is extra ordinary.


Actress Lee Bo Young, who was recently married to actor Ji Sung, made her bestfriend sang in their wedding. And there is no other composer, actress, musician and singer that can do all that but the Boys Over Flowers actress Gu Hye Sun. Since 2005, both have known and worked together in the SBS drama series The Ballad of Seo Dong where Lee Bo Young played Princess Seon Hwa, while Gu Hye Sun played Eun Jin.

Lee Jin in TV hit series The Great Seer

Actresses Song Hye Kyo, Lee Jin and Han Hye Jin were classmates in high school and they were dubbed as the “three pretty girls of Eunkwang Girl's High School”.

Suzy as Yeo Wool in Gu Family Book

IU and co-stars on their drama series poster "You Are the Best Lee Soon Shin"

Singer and actress Bae Suzy is obviously seen close to the also singer and actress IU. They knew each other before the TV series Dream High, but grew closer during and after the film. They support each other like sisters, encouraging and supporting morally.

"We often support and comfort each other," said Suzy. "We're both busy but we text. Sometimes I complain about action scenes because they're hard and we give each other strength."

Suzy praises her friends acting. "I think she's really good and she has a lot of fun doing it. We talk about acting a lot."

When IU worried about taking the starring role in "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin," Suzy encouraged her.
"She told me to go for it," said IU.


Lastly are best friends, Jung Ga Eun (The Master’s Sun) and Hwang In Young. Jung is said to frequently visit her bestfriend’s new project film, “Hero”.

It’s always good to know there is a friend you can count in when you feel down or gloomy, especially in the entertainment industry where a lot of discouragement comes the way.

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