Friday, September 20, 2013

Kpop Gags: Boys turned Girls

It may look weird, but fans love them. No matter what they wear, hair or look, still they will be the same idol their fans adore.

Let’s look at how these men hotties transform into girl cuties. Well, it’s all for the show, right?

Yes, no doubt about it, they are the Super Juniors






Cute and innocent SHINEe.

I thought FT Island never had one, but here they are.

U-Kiss also had their version.

Shin Dong Ho
Infinite's Lee Sung Jong
Xia Junsu's fans thought this picture was somebody else.

The sexy Jaejoong was no excuse too
G-Dragon made different roles as a girl when Big Bang made drama series parodies.

In the movie King and the Clown, actor Lee Joon Ki played a very fascinating role as a clown where he crosdresses as a woman and the King favored him falling for his effeminacy.

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