Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Idol Stars Living in Luxurious Homes

Let’s sneak to your idols purchased homes and their market values. Many idol stars live in luxurious villas and premium residential commercial complexes and they definitely value the importance of saving their earnings and managed to purchase their desired home sweet home.

Let’s start with the Asian Prince, Jang Geun Suk. He resides in a villa at more than $ 3.5 million that is equipped with top home security system. Visitors must pass through check points to gain access namely the parking lot, building entrance and elevator. It houses a theater and coffee shop, a screen golf facility and more! Among his neighbors are actresses Lee Hye-young (Can You HearMy Heart) and Seo Ji-young (Dae Mul) also live in the same complex.

The dubbed post-Yonsama of Japan Kim Hyun Joong lives in a luxurious villa in Cheongdam-dong, a district in Seoul with a dense population. His neighbors include Cha Seung-won (The Greatest Love) and married couple Sul Kyung-gu (The Tower, Haeundae) and Song Yun Ah.

Lee Seung Gi that earned millions from commercial endorsements alone lives in a $ 2 million unit in an apartment complex in Kamnang-gol. The complex has a fitness center, a golf practice center and an event hall. Top stars Kim Jae Joong, Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Yong-man also has units in the complex.

The young artist TOP of the famous boy group Big Bang purchased a luxurious villa that has a market value of nearly $ 3 million dollars.

Let’s go to JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong unit in Kamnang-gol (same building with Lee Seung Gi) which is in the penthouse that is valued at nearly $ 3 million dollars. His beautiful home has elegant marble flooring that became a talk of the town.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu also resides in a deluxe townhouse in Paju, Korea, with his parents. The 2975 m² townhouse was valued to $ 1.5 dollars that has an exclusive garden and a luxurious bar. His house was then revealed to the fans through his Twitter account.

UN village, a wealthy residential area in Hannam-dong is also a home for famous actors and actresses namely Lee Young Ae, couples Jung Joon Ho and Lee Ha Jung, Soo Ae and Kim Myun-min.

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