Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Power of Dream! K-Drama Review - Dream High

As Koreanovela continued to invade our Philippine Television, another Korean drama has struck our tv timeslot by storm, - “Dream High”.

Dream High revolves around six students at Kirin Arts High who work hard to follow their dreams to become famous.  

The story is not the typical hate-love relationships or action-packed/comedy genre, since it tackles about life in general. Achieving your dreams and conquering every obstacle, and falling in love at the same time, that is Dream High all about.  It shows us the real power of dream – to believe on your own talents and have a positive outlook in life at all times.

Every character has a unique story that I’m pretty sure all of us will get along.  It proves that we are all human being; we laugh, we cry, we struggle, we love and most of all we dream.  It also teaches us how to forgive and demonstrate the real meaning of love. Follow what your heart desired and dream high, for this is the only way to achieve the things that we most wanted.

Work hard, be yourself, stand still and dream high!

If you haven’t watch dream high yet, you better watch this. Definitely a must see Korean drama


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