Monday, June 25, 2012

The Newest Version of James Bond; Rain Bi in Runaway:Plan B

Superstar singer-turned-korean actor Rain Bi stars on an action packed korean drama “Runaway: Plan B” before he goes in the military to fulfill his responsibility as the citizen of Korea.

This series is very familiar to Bi since he already did a project similar to this one, a.k.a A Love To Kill. He plays the role of Ji Woo, a lawless and somewhat funny private investigator, based out of South Korea but internationally linked. He then gets hired by a beautiful, mysterious and with a big fat bullseye on her back Jin Yi (Lee NaYoung) to find her Melchidec and the people who killed her whole family. Also, NaYoung has a curse that some menaces have killed every guy she ever loved except from Kia (Daniel Henney), the rich and handsome “current” boyfriend of NaYoung.

Ji Woo

Jin Yi


On the other hand, Chief Detective Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin), a rebellious yet handsome police detective that will do anything just to arrest Ji Woo due to the so called PI which is unlawful in the ROK. But, that’s not all. Do Soo’s antagonisms of Ji Woo start some years ago when the detective has been closely shot in the chest by Rain 10 years ago. However, Ji Woo planned it just to spare the life of Do Soo and the later part misunderstood it and thought that Rain Bi is trying to kill him (which is totally a false accusation).

Chief Detective Do Soo

Honestly, this korean drama series is like hitting two birds in one stone, probably three. With a touch of action, romance and some comedy, what else can you ask for? Although despite of a lot of running, well that’s why it’s called Runaway: Plan B, it is a must watch for people who wants to see an action packed drama series plus Rain Bi on it. Isn't it nice?

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