Thursday, June 21, 2012

Korean Movie Review: My Dear Desperado, Not Your Ordinary Korean Movie

If you are looking for not so ordinary type of film this Korean movie is a perfect match for you. My Dear Desperado offers different twists and turns, the most unlikely but very likable characters and a love story that is really out of this world.

Actor Park Joong-hoon as Dong-chul, the low level gangster who after released from prison for taking his boss’ place wants a payback and actress Jeong Yu-min as Han Se-jin, the small town courageous girl who finds a job in Seoul but later becomes jobless and forced to live in a low cost apartment.

Main Characters:

Park Joong-hoon (Dong-chul), the Director and writer Kim Kwang-Sik, didn’t want a boy-next-door image playing the role of a low level gangster, instead he choose Park to portrayed it. With his experience in playing the role of a gangster and sometimes a bully made Dong-chul’s character more realistic and has empathy to the audience. Park Joong-hoon is now 48 and gained many awards as an actor in many Korean movies and also appeared in American films.

Jeoung Yu-mi (Han Se-jin), portrays the typical citizen, though with good qualifications and decent schooling, still finding a job is like passing through a needle’s eye. Like any other, Jeoung’s character in the movie is close to reality, that despite the hardship we experience because of the economy and the lack of resources, still she perseveres for her family. Jeoung as an actress was welcomed in the Korean movie industry as one of the most sought-after actresses because of her peculiar image when portraying a role.

Their characters are no different to many but their unique personalities and traits are amazing that inspires anybody to overcome any problem. The movie may be a love story but the approach was very light and beautiful. Not like your ordinary love story, there are seldom affectionate scenes. The story goes when they got the chance to know and understand who they are and sooner develop feelings for each other. 

This Korean movie will surely catch the hearts of its viewers and relate to their characters as they both find love in the most unexpected situation.

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