Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Slave Man with a Brave Heart; Korean Drama Review of “Chuno”

Remember the romantic Korean movie ‘Windstruck’? How about the funny Korean TV series ‘My Girl’? Or the romantic comedy Korean series ‘Couple or Trouble’?

These shows were also portrayed by the leading actors and actress of the historical Korean drama series Chuno, but this time with a different twist. The story is set in the time of the Joseon Dynasty, where the time of political turmoil and slaves and slave hunters still exist. The Korean fictional drama depicts the lives of slaves, how they were treated and the slave hunters that hunts down runaway slaves.

From funny and comic characters, turns into a bold and more compelling roles. The characters of Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk, Windstuck); Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho, Couple or Trouble) and Un Nyeon / Kim Hye Won (Lee Da Hae, My Girl).

Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk)– born in nobility and abundance, his life was ruined by his half-brother, thus, losing everything he has including the woman he is suppose to marry, Un Nyeon.  He manages to live in the harsh environment and turns into a slave hunter. But above all, he dedicated his life in searching for Un Nyeon, the woman he loves.

Song Tae Ha (Oh Ji Ho)– a General wrongly accused of a crime, so he was punished and demoted as a slave. He runs away, and soon finds Un Nyeon and develops a relationship with her.

Un Nyeon / Kim Hye Won  (Lee Da Hae)– a slave but when she ran away from Dae Gil, she became a middle class citizen with the help of her half-brother and changed her name to Hye Won. She and Dae Gil are supposed to be married but after the incident, she meets Tae Ha and goes to a journey with him.

 These versatile actors and actress, including the other casts, portrayed very good characters in the story, making the Korean series phenomenal. Thus, jumping from one role to another is not that hard for the artists. Jang Hyuk, was nominated as Best Actor for the 2011 International Emmy Awards. The Korean series was praised not just locally but also across the globe.

Indeed, Chuno is another must watch korean drama of all time along with Dong Yi, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, and other historical korean story adaptation nowadays.

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